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Xiamen Gongxin service: "safety guard" special brake fluid for construction machinery

Xiamen Gongxin service: "insist on equal emphasis on research and development and manufacturing safety guard" special brake fluid for construction machinery

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brake fluid, also known as brake oil, there are three types of mineral oil brake fluid, alcohol brake fluid and synthetic brake fluid. It is required that the brake fluid has good viscosity temperature performance, can work under a wide and low temperature, and has good oxidation stability, anti foaming, anti rubber expansion, anti rust, etc

motor vehicle brake fluid is an important product related to traffic safety. High quality brake fluid not only ensures that the vehicle is not damaged, but also ensures the personal safety of drivers in case of emergency. Poor quality brake oil is known as "traffic killer". Therefore, the main shaft drives the pendulum rod and pendulum to produce an angular displacement through the connecting plate and the upper square iron. The hydraulic PLC control system makes the worktable with workpiece move along the linear guide rail to the lower part of the crossbeam of the gantry. The purchase is related to the driver's life safety, Never take it lightly

there are many hazards of using low-quality brake fluid. The equilibrium reflux boiling point of low-quality brake fluid is not up to standard, so the product is easy to produce air resistance, resulting in brake failure; The kinematic viscosity of poor brake fluid is unqualified. Too high viscosity at low temperature will cause slow braking, and too low viscosity at high temperature will lead to poor lubricity and serious wear of parts. Therefore, when purchasing brake fluid, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

smell: smell. Up to standard brake fluid smells sweet, inferior brake fluid smells methanol, or artificial essence

second test: test the viscosity. Qualified brake fluid is obviously thicker than water, looks like diluted honey, and spreads slowly when poured on the glass plate. The viscosity of inferior brake fluid is as thin as water. Pour a small amount on the glass plate and the diffusion speed is fast. You can feel that there is no consistency when dipping it with your fingers

three comparisons: compare prices, cost determines price, and price determines quality. Judging from the normal production cost, the brake fluid with a retail price of less than 18 yuan/bottle per bottle is most likely to be substandard products. In addition, the brake fluid with a retail price of about 10 yuan/bottle is basically inferior products

next, I will introduce the technical characteristics and precautions of Xiamen Construction machinery brake fluid, so that you can have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the selection and use of construction machinery brake fluid

product introduction:

the special brake fluid for Xiagong machinery is a synthetic brake fluid for motor vehicles made of high-quality alcohol ether base fluid and a variety of efficient additives, which conforms to the national standard GB and the federal motor vehicle safety standard fmwssno 116 specification requirements

performance characteristics:

★ good low-temperature fluidity, with a small viscosity of -40 ° C, ensuring the normal flow of brake fluid at low temperature

★ it has high boiling point and small hygroscopicity, and does not produce gas resistance

★ it will not corrode metal parts, ensure that the mechanical strength and elasticity of seals are not damaged, and prolong the service life of seals, braking systems and metal parts

scope of application:

it is applicable to Xiamen Construction machinery loader, forklift, road and environmental protection machinery and other products

package specification: 800g, 4kg


Xiamen workers solemnly remind users that there are some brake fluids that imitate the brand of Xiamen workers in the market. Although the price is low, using these brake fluids is very easy to cause machine failure, bring you irreparable economic losses, and even lead to safety accidents. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and economic benefits, please choose the special brake fluid for Xiamen workers machinery

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