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Servo control benefits the packaging machine

this compilation report: compared with the unique control scheme, the ready-made (off the shelf can be used without any modification) control scheme brings many benefits to the vertical forming/filling/sealing (vf/f/s) packaging machine

when Kliklok Woodman, the original equipment manufacturer of packaging machinery (OEM), modernized its Compak II vertical bag making machine by using servo drive instead of mechanical propulsion, it chose a "off the shelf" control package from Yaskawa, Yaskawa, Japan

"in the past, we would rely on our own control platform developed at home," Ross long, vice president of Kliklok Woodman, explained. "But we gradually realize that we can get better motion control and higher mechanical reliability with the new generation of control packaging from Yaskawa."

in 2005, Compak II based on servo was launched. Among all bag making machines of Kliklok Woodman, Compak II has the highest space and economic efficiency, and the highest speed of Compak II can reach 80 bags/minute. Only one motion axis is servo driven: the film frame moves up and down to pull the film across the machine. The closing and opening of the sealing clip are pneumatically controlled

The Yaskawa package includes an mp-940 machine controller, a sigma 2 servo motor and a servo drive. Two cables run from the drive to the motor: one is the encoder feedback line and the other is the power line. Mp-940 controls logic and motion

adopt the enterprise operation mode of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system, which integrates information technology and advanced management ideas. "By manufacturing such a servo driven motion axis, we no longer need to mechanically adjust the setting of the length of a new bag," long said. "My 60 mesh wood flour just need to change the settings on the touch screen on its HMI control panel."

and long pointed out that the downward stroke of the propulsion mechanism can "be described as "In order to be slower than the regression speed of the upward stroke, this will reduce the pressure on the raw materials, improve the residence time when sealing, and produce a better overall packaging," long said.

compak II controls the packaging to turn to Yaskawa. This is another improvement after the other two vertical packaging machines produced by K-W adopt similar servo control. Using the same home to verify the control and servo system of more than five point families in each range The three packaging machines have achieved standardization, and K-W has obtained the inherent advantages of the continuity of control technology of all machines in the range, including simplified design. Because this is an "off the shelf" automation scheme, rather than its own unique automation scheme

k-w customers can easily get spare parts and product support worldwide, long said. "Any Yaskawa dealer has any control components our users need," he added

Author: Zhang Liandi

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