The hottest service life is doubled. See how XCMG

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The service life is doubled! See how XCMG small brush can sweep out the big market

its service life is doubled! See how XCMG small brush sweeps out of the big market

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the brush used in XCMG environmental road cleaning products has formed the company's "mysterious formula" after many times of chemical scientific proportioning, which has doubled the brush life and greatly reduced the user's later use cost. This secret recipe, if the drive can't work properly, is completely comparable to Coca Cola's "7x product"

as a direct part of the necessary checkpoint equipment of the control panel of the plastic tensile testing machine, the service life and operation effect of the brush are directly related to the user's operation cost and operation efficiency. In order to improve the competitiveness of products, the company cooperates with XCMG Research Institute to carry out the self-made project of sweeping

in 2015, the formula research and development and sample trial production were completed. In order to transform the research and development results and improve the performance of the company's core parts, the project team planned to brush the self-made production line in 2016. After more than a year of research, process layout, equipment bidding, procurement, installation and commissioning, the cleaning production line was commissioned at the end of 2016, and it has the production capacity of daily batch cleaning

it is said that the road to success is tortuous. There are also two episodes in the process of promoting the self-made project. At the beginning of 2017, when the project team organized the verification of small batch production, the brush fell off in batch. In the face of the problem, everyone gave advice: increase the depth of the brush hair into the brush handle, increase the precautions for selecting the fixture of the hydraulic universal testing machine, add plastic pressing force, reduce the depth of the mold, and so on

after repeated tests and anatomical analysis of purchased brushes, a process is finally added before the injection molding process of the brush handle. The brush hairs are fused with an electric stove to form a "t" button, and then injection molding is carried out, so that the brush hairs will be firmly stuck in the brush handle and will not fall off

misfortunes never come singly. Just before the brush was about to be put into trial use in Xuzhou market, it was found that there was fuzzing, which seriously affected the appearance quality. The project team once again conducted in-depth research and adjusted the brushing formula, but it was either fuzzing or softening. Finally, they put their direction on the process. After countless exploratory adjustments, they successfully solved the fuzzing problem through a series of improvements, such as reducing the extrusion diameter, removing the primary stretching, changing the stretching parameters, reducing the strength of the bristles, improving the zero indication of the display without any drift, changing its toughness, etc

through on-site verification, the service life of the brush produced by the company exceeded that of the ordinary purchased brush by more than one time, which was widely praised by customers

from the research and development of the brush to its final entry into the market, the project personnel persistently pursue the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", adhere to the "craftsman spirit" and carefully Carve every detail of the product, so that the small brush can sweep out a large market

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