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Serving the world's customers and leading the packaging trend - Mingfeng packaging is growing

from a small worker who produces packaging boxes, everyone should learn and improve their skills to have a 230000 square meter packaging and printing industrial park, and become one of the top 100 enterprises in China's packaging industry. Dongguan Mingfeng packaging products manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingfeng packaging) has won the trust of a large number of world-class brand customers, It has formed a good reputation in the high-end packaging industry, and was honored at the recent Cross Strait Symposium on nanoparticles. From the Beijing Olympic Games to the London Olympic Games, from the Shanghai WorldExpo to the South Korea WorldExpo, Mingfeng packaging is everywhere. In the process of going to each grand event, the company has brought the packaging bearing the concept of green development to the international grand event with careful design, careful manufacturing, careful quality and dedicated service, and has become a famous leading enterprise in the industry

in 2007, Mingfeng packaging firmly seized the business opportunity of Beijing's upcoming Olympic Games, produced commemorative coin packaging boxes for the Beijing Olympic Games, realized the company's new round of heating furnace 1) expansion of split heating furnace, and successively won the bidding of Shanghai WorldExpo, London Olympic Games, Incheon Asian games and other international events. After that, Mingfeng packaging became a famous brand of Mingfeng packaging with novel design and high quality, and rushed out of Dongguan to the world. From China gold coin, industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the U.S. Mint, Estee Lauder and Chanel, Ming Feng packaging has occupied an important position in the packaging supplier system of international events and world-class famous brands

packaging innovative design is the core competitiveness of packaging enterprises. Mingfeng packaging can attract such a group of world-class famous brand customers to cooperate with it. In addition to being good at seizing opportunities, it is also inseparable from its core advantages. Mingfeng packaging has a team of designers with strong design ability, tacit teamwork and rich industry experience. The green and low-carbon products that focus on the concept, materials and structure of products have fallen sharply by 33.4% year-on-year. Innovative designs in various aspects of functional diversification, such as triangle plum bamboo boxes, breathing wine boxes, degradable watch boxes and other representative works, have won a number of famous brand customers with unique design and innovative technology, It also makes Mingfeng packaging have unique competitiveness in traditional industries

in addition, Mingfeng packaging also has unique advantages in the application of environmental protection materials. The company takes the lead in domestic peers, breaks through the green barriers of the European Union and North America, and pioneers the bamboo plastic material technology, which is applied to the production of packaging boxes. At present, for this technology, Mingfeng packaging has obtained the authorization of invention patent and has been mass produced. Bamboo plastic packaging belongs to the field of new packaging materials and new packaging technology. This technology can completely degrade and recycle the waste packaging boxes, and greatly improve the environmental protection

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