The hottest service outsourcing industry in Weifan

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Weifang Software Park focuses on the service outsourcing industry. First, policy support. In order to support the development of service outsourcing industry, preferential policies have been issued to support the development of software and information services, animation, call centers and other industries, giving strong policy support to service outsourcing enterprises

second, platform support. The 3000 seat call center platform was completed and put into use in May this year, effectively reducing the entrepreneurial cost and threshold of incubated call center enterprises, and effectively enhancing the business level of enterprises. It is planning to build public technology platforms such as software and animation, which will provide strong technical support for software and animation enterprises

the third is to guide innovation. Strengthen the construction of enterprise technology research and development center, actively promote the professional certification of enterprise dual software, computer system integration, CMMI and so on, and constantly improve the professional and technical level of enterprises

fourth, strengthen financing. Strengthen the support and guidance for enterprise financing, contact various financial institutions and private capital in various ways, expand financing channels from multiple angles, strengthen the guidance and training for enterprise financing, and effectively enhance the ability of enterprise investment and financing

fifth, strengthen training. Focus on the construction of talent team, give full play to the role of colleges and universities and training institutions of the municipal ceramic aluminum office, focus on the development focus of the park, vigorously cultivate practical technical talents, focus on strengthening the training of English, Japanese, Korean and other foreign languages, take a variety of incentives and incentives, create a good atmosphere to attract talents, avoid using solid tools for liquidation, and expand the talent team

at present, the service outsourcing business of enterprises in the park has covered many fields. In terms of information technology outsourcing (ITO), it includes software R & D and design outsourcing, testing outsourcing, management information system services, system operation services and other businesses; In terms of business process outsourcing (BPO), the call center is mainly used to provide customers with outsourcing services in the aspects of consulting, sales and after-sales business processes, so that the collection and display of experimental data are convenient for you to have a deeper understanding of the experimental machine; In terms of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), enterprises in the park can provide outsourcing services such as animation design and production, engineering design and R & D. Weifang High tech Zone Station

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