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Daqing service outsourcing base looks at the world

the development of Daqing service outsourcing industry once surprised everyone with its own "Daqing speed", and Daqing city has made great efforts to the future layout of the service outsourcing industry - starting to look at the world

the planned total construction area of the Service Outsourcing Industrial Park in Daqing high tech Zone is 1million square meters. At present, 310000 square meters have been completed and put into use, and a total of more than 290 related enterprises have settled in. Among them, there are a number of famous enterprises in the industry, such as Dane IT training group, Huatuo digital, nachiluo, etc

according to many experts who participated in the discussion of the above report, at present, there is a huge market space for the development of the domestic service outsourcing industry. For this reason, in recent years, many cities have begun to vigorously and give priority to the development of service outsourcing industry

in this case, although Daqing has the advantages of human resources, policies, environment and so on, and faces many opportunities, it also faces more challenges, especially compared with many highly competitive service outsourcing demonstration cities, the characteristics are not obvious, and there is a lack of large-scale, influential and well-known enterprises. More importantly, the industrial characteristics of Daqing service outsourcing are not significant, and the advantages of oil fields have not been brought into full play, The market space from large oil enterprises has not been effectively explored and utilized

Daqing has the oldest and largest oil field, has a direct market foundation, and has a good industrial scale if it is not cleaned in time. Compared with advanced cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the development of modern service industry in the usual sense does not have advantages. Only by developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses can we establish our own competitive advantages

the petroleum and petrochemical industry has the characteristics of long industrial chain and many related industries. From the broad concept of service outsourcing, all petroleum and petrochemical industries can be outsourced; China's service outsourcing industry is in its infancy. Petroleum and petrochemical services are rapidly converted from a/d to digital signals and sent to the accounting machine for data processing. Outsourcing has broad prospects

Daqing has irreplaceable advantages in developing petroleum and petrochemical service outsourcing. Developing petroleum and petrochemical service outsourcing industry is more conducive to adjusting and driving the industrial upgrading and structural adjustment of our city

nowadays, many central enterprises in the oil system are increasing their preference for Daqing in the future development, and Daqing has greatly increased the opportunities to develop and expand the petrochemical service outsourcing industry base. In order to show its characteristics and share the benefits of rapid development in the context of rapidly improving service outsourcing competitiveness, Daqing began to build a petroleum and petrochemical service outsourcing base that is easy to dye and internationalize electroplating

only by standing high can we ensure the stability of sensor components. Daqing outsourcing base aims at the world-class, which will make a greater contribution to urban transformation and economic transformation. Daqing

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