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Service providers and channels gathered at Weichai business conference to work together for a win-win situation

service providers and channels gathered at Weichai business conference to work together for a win-win situation

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truck power branch's laughter has not yet dissipated. On January 14 and 15, Weichai business conference service providers and post market branches came in hot, and more than 1000 customer representatives gathered in Weichai from all over the country to summarize 2014 and look forward to 2015, In the fierce market competition, we will cooperate with Weichai for win-win results

national service providers and channel providers gather at Weichai business conference

service creates value

service, as an indispensable part of market competition, has always been a sharp weapon for Weichai to remain invincible. In 2014, Weichai's service work was widely recognized by customers with the efforts of service providers. The 24-hour closure rate in 2014 increased by 8 percentage points from 76% in 2013; The abandonment rate is far lower than the industry standard, and customer satisfaction has increased significantly

in 2015, Weichai divided service providers into flagship stations, elite stations, important stations and standard stations. The higher the level, the more preferential the policies will be. At the same time, Weichai will also pay more attention to the service improvement in domestic and foreign markets. The improvement of the training business platform will be confirmed by calling dispatching platform, service declaration platform, post market business platform and WSU researchers, so as to increase customer care and improve service timeliness; Through the adjustment of the three guarantee period and the warranty period, we can enter the customers and carry out active service, so as to win the trust of customers with more effective maintenance and higher quality accessories

in addition to the improvement of soft power, in terms of hardware, Weichai has specially launched professional maintenance tools, dispatch apps, Zhiduoxing second generation and other products for service providers, making every effort to create a fast and effective service network and social agent service support system, so as to improve the cohesion of service providers to Weichai

the post market has become a new market profit point

2 the market pattern of coal and steel has reversed. Many enterprises are not confident about whether the quality of domestic special metal materials is excellent. In 2014, the failure rate of Weichai products decreased by 32.12% year-on-year. In 2015, this figure will continue to decline. The profit space of San Bao service will be compressed, and the post market will become a new market profit point. At the post market sub conference held on the 15th, Weichai's post market business model was praised by the majority of channel merchants as a "Blue Ocean region of benefit growth"

(3) the application of intellectual property rights in the field of civil new materials in the field of national defense; In 2014, Weichai initially completed five key tasks, including the establishment of a post market product system, the promotion of "red flag 400" initiative marketing, the sorting and establishment of a channel control system, the establishment of an internal marketing control system, and the maintenance of market order. The sales revenue increased by 6.1% year-on-year

in 2015, Weichai established the post market strategy of "strategic guidance, channel sharing and win-win development", followed the core post market concept of "saving money for customers and making money for channels", accelerated the four changes of "market concept, product service, marketing behavior and role positioning", improved the sales terminal coverage and market share to more than 60%, and achieved peer-to-peer and win-win cooperation with channel providers

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