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Haining service outsourcing industry made great efforts to "steal the way"

yesterday morning, in the office building of Guanglong wealth center, the designers of Haining mushroom Animation Co., Ltd. were drawing cartoon images with professional software. They are going to design cartoon character actions for the cartoon "Ha Ha Mi" of a Hong Kong animation company

Haining mushroom Animation Co., Ltd. was registered last year and is the first animation industry service outsourcing company with business performance in Haining City. Zhang Zhaoming, the person in charge of the company, said that mushroom animation has been in-depth cooperation with the animation production teams in Hangzhou and Wuhan. The animation "young Yue Fei" completed last year has been broadcast on many TV media. This year, in addition to Ha Ha Mi, mushroom animation also undertook the production of two animated films, tantan Xiaomo and modern forest, with an order amount of more than 3million yuan

in recent years, Haining animation service outsourcing enterprises represented by mushroom Animation Co., Ltd. have developed rapidly in terms of business expansion, covering all aspects from model issuance to post production and production. Bayer materials technology provides innovative, environmental friendly, multi-functional and lasting solutions for the cosmetics industry. Baycusan C 1004 polymerizes and selects some secondary fixture dispersion series raw materials. As an important part of the cultural industry that continues to unswervingly support the executive chair and the government of the Special Administrative Region to govern in accordance with the law, the animation industry has received strong support from the municipal Party committee, municipal government and relevant departments. Since August this year, Haining City has successively held a series of activities such as Haining animation exhibition and Haining animation development forum under specified conditions, and invited well-known animation societies, organizations and companies in Shanghai to carry out cooperation and exchange, with good results

with the rapid development of animation service outsourcing industry, the demand for animation talents and training is also increasing. In the future, we plan to move all the companies in Hangzhou to Haining. At present, the eight designers are far from meeting the work needs. Zhang Zhaoming said that to this end, the company is cooperating with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Haining radio and Television University to set up three-dimensional animation design training courses to train animation designers, character animators and graphic designers, and spare no effort to train more animation talents for Haining

in addition to talent training, Haining also vigorously builds a service outsourcing industry development platform. At the beginning of this year, the business district of the warp knitting headquarters was rated as the first Jiaxing Municipal international service outsourcing demonstration park in the city. At present, a number of service outsourcing enterprises have settled in the park, covering technology research and development and consulting services, network information services, accounting and tax services and other service outsourcing fields

In August, the city's first call center project with a registered capital of more than 10 million officially settled in the park. The project is invested by Haining qiushiluo Technology Co., Ltd. the call center will be constructed in three phases, with 100 call seats in the first phase. By the end of June 2013, 500 self owned operating seats and 1500 to 2000 docking seats will be formed. After the completion of the project, the annual output value will be about 100million yuan

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that as a new symbol of economic globalization and an emerging mainstream way of international industrial transfer, service outsourcing has attracted more and more attention from Haining municipal government and enterprises. As of the third quarter, the city has completed the signing amount of service outsourcing contracts of 12.2 million yuan, and the cumulative implementation amount of 4.5 million yuan, respectively 174% and 90% of the plans issued by Jiaxing

at present, there are 7 performance-based service outsourcing enterprises in Haining City, including 4 newly approved performance-based service outsourcing enterprises this year. Their businesses cover station design, industrial design, animation production, call center, software development and many other fields, including ITO (information technology outsourcing), BPO (technical business process outsourcing) and KPO (technical knowledge process outsourcing)

since this year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has increased the construction of service outsourcing platforms, actively guided the orderly development of service outsourcing enterprises and related training institutions, used large platforms such as Beijing International Trade in Services Expo and Dalian soft trade fair to carry out investment promotion services, and launched the formulation of service outsourcing industry planning, making every effort to promote the steady development of Haining service outsourcing industry

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