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Qingdao Sino German Ecological Park: establish an innovation alliance to release new momentum of intelligent manufacturing

recently, the Establishment Ceremony of the "robot AI 'machine · wisdom · circle' innovation alliance" with the theme of "machine · wisdom · circle, create opportunities" was held in Qingdao West Coast New Area Sino German ecological park

it is reported that the "robot AI 'machine · wisdom · circle' innovation alliance" established in Qingdao Sino German ecological park is guided by the implementation of the new development concept and the construction of a modern economic system after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the central economic work conference. It is jointly established by the Sino German ecological park, Aucma, Siemens, Qingdao University of science and technology, Tongji University, Sino German Institute of engineering and other excellent enterprises, scientific research institutions at home and abroad Colleges and universities were jointly founded. The alliance will focus on the artificial intelligence and robot industry chain, cooperate to build an exchange and cooperation platform, carry out research and development, application, industrialization, education and training in intelligent manufacturing, and form a mutually beneficial community of members

according to the introduction, "machine · wisdom · circle" has two aspects, including the experimental significance of three different materials 16MnR, Q235 and 304 stainless steel respectively. First, the ecosystem of robot and artificial intelligence, relying on existing enterprises and resources, focuses on the research and development, application, talent introduction, education and training, industrialization promotion, etc. of artificial intelligence and robot industry chain, actively promotes the intellectualization of high-end industry, and cultivates new kinetic energy of intelligent manufacturing, Enhance the vitality of innovation and development. Second, the sharing circle of opportunities, seize strategic opportunities and advantageous resources in the new era, gather opportunities for cooperation and growth among enterprises, set up a "machine · wisdom · circle" fund to provide capital support for alliance members, absorb global innovative resources such as Siemens to provide technical support, rely on scientific research forces such as Qingdao University of science and technology and Tongji University to provide R & D support, give play to the government guidance mechanism to provide a platform and talent education support, Reducing the R & D costs of "in circle" enterprises, stimulating the innovation vitality of "in circle" enterprises, and providing opportunities for "in circle" enterprises to expand the development of modern industry are inseparable from the need for testing equipment

up to now, more than 40 enterprises have joined the AI "machine · wisdom · circle" innovation alliance, and the member units of the alliance can receive the fund support of "machine · wisdom · circle" first; Qualified member units can be preferentially settled in the innovation and entrepreneurship center; Give priority to free use of the park's intelligent manufacturing innovation platform; Give priority to sharing resources such as talent training, technical achievements, industrial information and product promotion within the alliance

at the ceremony, Aucma Group, one of the organizers, also released an intelligent driverless vehicle and conducted a field demonstration. It is understood that this non German graphene priority research program was launched in 2010. The human driven vehicle is the first low-speed cargo truck in China. Although it embodies the 6-character with independent intellectual property rights and can realize full autonomous operation, the vehicle is equipped with binocular vision system, microwave radar and ultrasonic blind filling equipment, and artificial intelligence autonomous driving system, which can realize autonomous navigation and artificial intelligence autonomous driving in closed and semi closed areas, With a set speed of 30 kilometers per hour, it can be used in many fields, such as directional logistics, personnel commuting, sightseeing and tourism, patrol and security, port transshipment, bus sanitation and so on

in recent years, Qingdao Sino German ecological park has vigorously promoted the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. Relying on the development orientation of international cooperation, it has been rated as the first batch of intelligent manufacturing lighthouse parks in China by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the only Sino German intelligent manufacturing cooperation pilot Demonstration Park in the north of the Yangtze River. The park has gathered high-end R & D institutions such as Siemens, Haier Industrial Intelligence Research Institute and Mingjiang, and intelligent production enterprises such as Haier Industrial 4.0 central air conditioner and drum washing machine have carried out multi-directional cooperation with franhoff Research Institute and German Academy of engineering, which will build it into a high-end ecological demonstration area, technological innovation pilot area and high-end industry cluster area with international demonstration significance

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