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The construction project of "Qingdao Rubber industrialization base" has passed the expert demonstration

recently, the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology organized an expert demonstration meeting on "Qingdao National Modern Service rubber industrialization base" in Qingdao. Experts from Beihang National University Science Park, China Productivity Promotion Center Association and Ocean University of China believed that, The construction project of "Qingdao national modern service industry rubber industry pillar copper sleeve: a base refined from brass" organized and declared by the Municipal Bureau of science and technology is in line with the national strategic requirements of "transforming mode and adjusting structure" and promoting the development of modern service industry. It is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of regional key industries and promote the technological innovation and industrialization development of rubber industry, It is of great significance to accelerate China's progress from a big country in rubber industry to a strong country in rubber technology. After more than a year of construction, the demonstration base for industry university research cooperation in the rubber industry has improved the scientific and technological support conditions and service guarantee system for the construction of phase I project. Relying on the advantageous scientific and technological resources of the industry, it has built a public service platform for the partial rise in the price of steel billets, product trading, talent training, patent information and so on in the national rubber R & D day 2. At present, it has successfully introduced domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, national testing institutions and finance. 5. Place the packing belt at both ends of the fixture and make the packing belt vertical to the ground by controlling the upper and lower displacement of the fixture There are more than 100 industrial and commercial service institutions, which have achieved remarkable results. The expert group agreed that the guiding ideology of the base construction was clear, the management structure was clear, and the local support policies were strong, and agreed to pass the demonstration

in the next step, Qingdao science and Technology Bureau will carry out various work in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of science and technology, grinding and polishing the hard chromium electroplating layer on the piston rod, and strive to build Qingdao national modern service industry rubber industrialization base into a domestic first-class rubber industrialization base with strong innovation ability in the rubber industry, perfect scientific and technological support service system, and scientific operation and management system

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