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Qingdao Shida Zhuoyue Technology Co., Ltd. has built a 10000 ton high-grade petroleum alkane solvent production unit

Qingdao Shida Zhuoyue Technology Co., Ltd. has recently independently developed a tasteless special oil - high-grade petroleum alkane solvent, and built a 10000 ton production unit, making the company a base for China's refining additives technology development and product production, which is expected to end the history of China's dependence on imports of special solvent oil

in recent years, special solvent oil has been listed as one of the five major categories of petroleum products, and is widely used in coatings, edible oil, printing, leather, pesticides, rubber, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. Over the years, 5. Whether the cables and wires of the equipment have been aging or damaged, China's special solvent oil almost all depends on imports. At present, the vast majority of solvent oil production in China adopts simple distillation methods, which can meet the needs of solubility and economy, but due to the increasingly high requirements of environmental protection, especially after China's entry into WTO, the quality standards of solvent oil products are gradually improved, and domestic solvent oil is far from meeting the needs of special occasions

at present, although the foreign production process has good product quality, the cost is high and the investment is large. Qingdao Shida Zhuoyue company has closely focused on market demand and developed advanced environmental friendly solvent oils suitable for a variety of special occasions, such as high boiling point aromatic solvent oils, low aromatic solvent oils, aliphatic solvent oils, etc. At present, the solvents and gold

produced by the company belong to processing oils, cleaning agents, normal alkanes and high-purity normal alkanes, which can be widely used in aerosol, pesticides, cleaning, degreasing of raw fur, fine metal processing, chlorinated paraffin and other industries. The environmental protection product made of n-alkane special solvent oil after being processed by hydrofining and other technologies can be manually controlled according to the reading of the dial. The experimental process product has low viscosity, low aromatic hydrocarbon content, sulfur and nitrogen content, and can be used in various fields that need oil with ultra-high purity and high chemical stability

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