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Qingdao medium-sized printing Co., Ltd. plans to transfer the whole

during the exhibition, the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum was also held at the same time. The leakage problem of domestic buildings is still not in such a tragic situation. The Taizhou kelcai industry exchange and cooperation promotion meeting, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the docking meeting of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities. A medium-sized printing company in Qingdao should wipe the studio dry, with five five five color Heidelberg, A four-color computer form machine, several die-cutting, laminating and tile mounting machines; The business operation of the company is stable, the quality of management, design, production and business personnel is good, and the annual output value is about 20 million

the management of the company takes more energy to develop new projects, so it reduces the cost of purchasing parts and wants to seek the cooperation of printing professionals with similar aspirations

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