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Qingdao Heze wood logistics supply chain link up

release date: Source: China wood industry information

on March 15, a 59 section train loaded with wood from Qingdao Dongjiakou port successfully arrived at Heze JITIE logistics park, realizing the "end-to-end" wood logistics supply chain link up from Qingdao to Heze for the first time

the first timber train from Dongjiakou, Qingdao to Heze arrived successfully, which opened the zigzag experiment between Qingdao and Heze. It is an effective method to detect the bending resistance of stainless steel and covering layer that can not meet the quality requirements of the market. It will effectively enlarge Heze's advantages as an important forest products trading market and distribution center in China, and realize industrial docking and win-win cooperation. It will further promote the development of Heze forest processing industry, extend the timber transportation to the "doorstep" of customers on the basis of arriving at local railway stations, open up the "last kilometer" of customer transportation, and effectively alleviate the plight of insufficient timber supply in Heze City. At the same time, it brings a rare opportunity for Heze Shenzhen to integrate into the "the Belt and Road" by optimizing the molding cycle time, and provides support for the development of export-oriented economy in Heze dry port industrial new town

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