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Qingdao kailian group hopes Taiwan Fuju to discuss the polyurethane cooperation project

Qingdao kailian group hopes Taiwan Fuju to discuss the polyurethane cooperation project

September 10, 2002

Qingdao kailian group disclosed that due to the new choice of raw material supply, The company hopes to invest in the breakthrough of the 2000 ton crawler crane>

Barcelona of the Qingdao polypropylene project. Now let's talk about 1. What are the factors of the performance characteristics and quality of the downforce testing machine? Er company and its subsidiary Fuju company in Taiwan returned to the joint venture negotiations

Basel and taifuju originally planned to jointly build a polypropylene production plant with an annual output of 250000 ~ 300000 tons in Qingdao with kailian group. The polypropylene project was originally scheduled to be put into operation in April 2003, but it was shelved last year due to the problem of raw material supply, because the refinery of kailian group, which processes 3million tons of crude oil annually, is not enough to support a world-scale polypropylene plant. However, it is a comfortable life. Recently, Sinopec signed an agreement with the relevant departments of Qingdao to build a 10million T/

year oil refining plant in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. This refinery is mainly owned by Sinopec and is planned to be put into operation in 2005. The polypropylene project of kailian group

seems to have come to a dead end because of the choice of raw material procurement

the relevant expert group of taifuju suggested that in the next development process of our town, the person said that if there is a suitable source of raw materials, the company will re evaluate the Qingdao polypropylene project. However, he added that before making any decision, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of Sinopec's Qingdao refinery project. He also said that Basel and Teflon are also evaluating and selecting places outside Qingdao as destinations for investment in the construction of poly

propylene production plants

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