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Qingdao SHUNFA Printing Co., Ltd. improves the process and opens up the market

Qingdao SHUNFA Printing Co., Ltd. continues to strengthen the development of new processes, expand the market, improve the production level, adhere to the road of combining operation and production, and step by step blaze a new road of development, and the enterprise shows great vitality

the company continues to strengthen market development, and the leading group takes the lead in leading business personnel to market and find customers, so as to win customers with their own proactive services. At the same time, by means of increasing the income level of business personnel, the enthusiasm of business personnel was mobilized, so that the company had a good business situation

the customer has it, but if you want to attract it, you have to stay. Starting with the introduction of equipment, the company has successively introduced new equipment such as formalities screen printing machine and 1020 bronzing machine, striving to improve the existing production technology level through advanced equipment and attract customers with high-quality products. Moreover, they recombined the existing high-temperature machines such as holographic bronzing machine, 1020 machine [Zhongsu news] October 1, formalities bronzing machine, etc., so that the production capacity and production level have been improved. The effect of the technical training carried out by the company is obvious. The Taishan cigarette box produced by the holographic bronzing machine has been changed from the previous four opening printing to the current folio printing, which greatly improves the work efficiency. In the process of corrugated, carton and pasting machine, Chinese enterprises often update the first generation products by introducing foreign technology, and implement piecework wages, which improves the enthusiasm of workers. We also made great efforts to reduce the cost of jiangpuhua Consulting - Global polyurethane market analyst. Comrade Ding mingkuan's "Taishan cigarette" electrochemical aluminum insertion process, which was overcome by Comrade Ding mingkuan, can reduce the cost of more than 10000 yuan for each 400 large boxes of Taishan small boxes after it is applied to production. (Li Yutian)

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