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The 2017 sales work summary meeting of Fangyuan group was held

the 2017 sales work summary meeting of Fangyuan group was held

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, Fangyuan group "Under such circumstances, the sales company held the 2017 sales work summary meeting in the multi-function hall on the third floor of Fangyuan building.

the rebound of billet and downstream finished products of Fangyuan group in 2017 may help the scrap sales summary meeting held.

liuchangcheng, general manager of Fangyuan group, made a speech at the meeting. First of all, he affirmed the achievements of the sales company in the past year and thanked all sales staff for their hard work on behalf of the group company. It is pointed out that the successful completion of the annual tasks by the sales company has played a vital role in the work of the group. Then, general manager liuchangcheng pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the sales work and put forward requirements for the work in 2018. First, the business personnel are required to be honest and persistent; Second, innovation and hard work; Third, unity and cooperation; Fourth, to change the strain; Fifth, we should continue to pay close attention to foreign debts and improve the high-tech recovery of rare earth. It is hoped that all sales personnel will continue to carry forward their fine traditions, make changes and innovations, unite as one, work together, overcome difficulties, meet challenges, and create new and better performance in the new year

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at the meeting, the sales departments of the first and second sales companies, international trade companies, economic and trade companies respectively summarized the sales situation in the past year. Some sales representatives made concluding remarks

2017 sales work summary meeting

zhangruizao, deputy general manager of Fangyuan group, summarized the annual work of the sales company. It was pointed out that in the face of the extremely fierce market competition in 2017, the sales company actively responded, closely focused on the general policy of "innovation, optimization, transformation and upgrading" of the group company, actively responded to the complex and changeable severe situation, participated in the fierce market competition, steadily and solidly carried out various work, and successfully completed the tasks assigned by the company. The sales completed in that year accounted for 100.56% of the annual tasks

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while summarizing the achievements, deputy general manager Zhang ruizao also pointed out the existing problems. For the work in 2018, it is pointed out that it is necessary to closely stretch - in the tensile test, around the group's overall work policy in 2018, give full play to the advantages of regional teams, pay attention to the bidding work of the group's products, improve risk prevention awareness, ensure business results, act in accordance with the law and operate in good faith, so as to lay a solid foundation for the sales work in 2018

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