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Yashi 20th anniversary celebration and new product launch ceremony was grandly held. Yashi 20th anniversary celebration and new product launch ceremony was grandly held on October 15, 2018. From October 13 to 14, 2018, more than 3000 people, including government, industry leaders and partners from all over the country, gathered at the Yashi Chuang Neng comprehensive intelligent manufacturing base in Quanjiao County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province to jointly participate in the Yashi 20th anniversary celebration

leaders of Chuzhou City, Qingpu District and relevant industry associations came to the site to deliver speeches at the opening ceremony of the celebration. Together with the leaders, experts and media of the competent departments of China real estate industry association, China paint industry association and China Building Energy Conservation Association, local governments in Chuzhou City, Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, Qingpu District, Tianjin Beichen District, Bishan District, Chongqing city and Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Congratulations to the celebration

Ms. sunlianying, President of China Coating Industry Association, Yashi Chuang Neng, an industry leader listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and headquartered in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, held the opening ceremony of the company's 20th anniversary celebration in a large workshop of more than 10000 square meters in the intelligent manufacturing base, It highlights the company's consistent corporate culture of "simplicity and pragmatism", and the most valuable information revealed by the celebration activities is the "power of change" Chinese paint that this national high-tech enterprise has come up with in the new era.

in the past, now and in the future, Mr. lijinzhong, chairman and president of Yashi Chuang Neng, delivered a keynote speech on the 20th anniversary of "the power of change, leading to a new era of youth Yashi". Mr. Li "What has changed in the past 20 years" and "how to change in the new era of youth" were reported to the guests and partners

Mr. lijinzhong, chairman and President of Yashi Chuang Neng

for the past 20 years, Mr. Li summarized the changes of Yashi with a set of data: from 8 employees at the start to more than 2000 employees now, from 1 production plant to 8 factories in 5 comprehensive manufacturing bases, the sales revenue increased from 20million to nearly 2billion, and the sales revenue increased 100 times. Chairman lijinzhong summed up the achievements of Yashi's development in the past 20 years with "five ones": he created a national brand - Yashi, led a development trend - functional architectural coatings, created an industry - insulation and decoration integrated finished board, invented and created a new insulation and energy-saving material - real gold fire insulation board, which has stepped into a ranks - becoming a public company listed on the main board

the "five ones" epitomize the development, changes and value creation of Yashi in the past 20 years, and show the contribution of Yashi to the development, transformation and upgrading of the industry

for the future, Mr. Li said that under the current era background of "innovation, empowerment, collaboration and sharing", youth Yashi new era shoulders the corporate mission of "resonating with the new era and serving a better life", In addition, it will take the top-level strategy of "endowing the new era with energy, creating a sustainable development ecosystem for Yashi, and making the enterprise evergreen" and the sustainable development cultural system of youth Yashi in the new era of "serving the times, serving the enterprise, and serving the employees" to create a first-class supply chain ecosystem, a sustainable product technology ecosystem, and a collaborative and efficient operation and management ecosystem, Build a manufacturing service integration ecosystem and a mechanism innovation ecosystem to improve the comprehensive ability of Yashi and achieve the goal of sustainable development and sustainable development of the enterprise

capacity layout and intelligent manufacturing

Mr. xuzhixin, vice president of Yashi Chuang Neng, reported the capacity layout and intelligent manufacturing of Yashi across the country to the leaders and guests attending the meeting. Starting from the primary task of the supply chain, "providing customers with stable and reliable products and high-quality and timely services", vice President xuzhixin reviewed the production, manufacturing and supply system of Yashi in the past 20 years, In the future, Yashi will be "market-oriented, customer-centric", based on the concept of "green environmental protection, large-scale + personalized and intelligent", and achieve the goal of "stable quality, rapid supply, agile service and low cost" through "lean production and intelligent manufacturing"

at the same time, according to the top-level capacity layout idea of integrating manufacturing and service, with the network system of "informatization, digitalization and automation", Yashi will speed up the capacity layout, deepen the manufacturing upgrading from the market perspective, and achieve the national supply chain capacity of 10billion in three years and 15billion in five years; To achieve the national supply and service capacity, it is better to cover 300 km supply circle of good materials and thermal insulation materials with cloth, 500 km supply circle of finished boards, 150 km supply circle of mortar and 200 km supply circle of sample paint

Mr. xuzhixin, vice president of ASI Chuang Neng, released new products - ASI Youjia flexible granite. After all the guests and leaders witnessed the production ceremony of Chuzhou factory, gaoguoyou, deputy general manager of ASI Chuang Neng sales management center, made a new product release of "ASI Youjia makes living life better" to industry leaders, experts and guests. Mr. Gao first reviewed the development of the industry and the evolution of exterior wall decoration in the past 40 years. On the way of expanding its core competitiveness, Yashi launched Yashi Youjia flexible granite, once again "redefined the stone imitation effect", realized the upgrading of Yashi's product system from a troika to a four-wheel drive, and opened another 100 billion level market opportunity. Then, President Gao explained to the delegates on the breakthroughs in the four performance aspects of work efficiency, safety, effect and value of asuga flexible granite, which won constant applause from the guests

Mr. gaoguoyou, deputy general manager of Yashi Chuang Neng sales management center

the way of high-quality development

as a listed enterprise, Yashi should not only undertake the enterprise, but also improve in the society, At the conference, director wangyongjun, vice president of Asiatic group, issued a report on corporate strategy and culture, which gave impetus to a new era and created an ecological circle for sustainable development of Asiatic holding UL1, which is committed to providing innovative and all-round support for the products of domestic and foreign enterprises, to comprehensively improve the vision and mission of Asiatic, Vice president Wang announced to the guests the strategic blueprint of the new era of youth Yashi: "endow the new era with momentum and create an ecological circle for sustainable development of Yashi", as well as the symbiotic culture, enabling culture and altruistic culture extended under the strategic background. In order to make Yashi more competitive and promote Yashi to build an ecosystem in a real sense

Wang Yongjun, vice president of Asias group, director

subsequently, Mr. Shen Gang, vice president of Asias group, gave a keynote speech on building an eco circle for the common prosperity of manufacturers. Starting from the anxiety of enterprises and individuals, Mr. Shen analyzed the anxiety of the market to the anxiety of partners at all levels of the industry, and proposed three magic weapons to solve the anxiety of symbiosis, empowerment and ecosphere, And announced to the guests the Asiatic symbiosis plan, empowerment action and ecosystem plan. He presented to the guests the "energy field" of Yashi sales, including business energy, product energy, management energy, financial energy and platform energy, and presented the first symbiotic gift package - the first "partnership creation and sharing plan" (phase I) of Yashi chuaneng to all partners

Mr. Shengang, vice president of Yashi group

the next outlet in the era of change

guests such as China Coating Industry Association, China real estate industry association Youcai platform, Sina Real estate, etc. held cross-border forums on the next outlet of the industry in the new era and new ecology. The forum was presided over by Tangxi, general manager of Youcai purchasing/Sina Real estate of China Real Estate Association, sunlianying, President of China Coating Industry Association, yangxiwei, former deputy chief engineer of the science and technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, hehongzhu, professor senior engineer of China architectural standards design and Research Institute, dengbin, manager of the construction R & D Department of country garden dream high tech Wang Jianmin of contemporary real estate Group Co., Ltd., jinhaiting, chairman of Qicai construction, and gaoguoyou, general manager of Yashi Chuang Neng sales management center attended the forum to jointly carry out in-depth discussions

Yashi, a listed enterprise on the path of "high-speed growth with quality", revealed a strong "power of change" from the 20th anniversary celebration - it is a "power of the times" that meets the needs of the development of the times, industry change and sustainable development of enterprises, and a "power of innovation" that promotes technology, products, models and mechanisms, It is a "power of integration" to promote the integration of manufacturing and services and become a new era enterprise. It is a "power of creating and sharing the ecosystem" to boost industry confidence and create an ecosystem with upstream and downstream suppliers, coating service enterprises and a wider range of partners

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