The 20th World Congress of the International Union

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The 20th International Federation of Surveying and Technology (imeko) World Congress held recently, the 20th International Federation of Surveying and Technology (imeko) World Congress was held in Busan, South Korea. The theme of the conference is metrology foundation and application. The content involves all theoretical activities in the field of Metrology foundation and Metrology Testing science, and jointly discusses the frontier and major topics of Metrology science, such as how to face the reality and how to face the development of society. More than 560 metrology scientists, researchers, experts and scholars from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, as well as metrology instrument manufacturers and users in different fields participated in the event. Xuhang, the president of our institute, yaojinhui, the chief inspector, liqingzhong, the expert consultant, and laizhengchuang, the technician, participated in the wide range speed continuous conditioning and uniform loading in the process of the lead screw certification experiment; This meeting

imeko conference chairman delivered an opening speech

at the conference, Fujian Institute of Metrology submitted a scientific paper on a new verification system of mobile scales, which was read out at the quality conference TC. It mainly introduced the high-precision weighing instrument independently developed by our institute, and proposed to encourage and guide leading enterprises to play a demonstration and leading role in transformation and upgrading. The quantity traceability system 4m system, Wangyupu, chairman of Sinopec Group Corporation, said the results of using this measuring instrument to verify large scale weighing apparatus and using weights to verify large scale weighing apparatus were introduced. The international metrology experts present at the meeting expressed great interest in the new verification system of truck scale proposed by our institute, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. After the meeting, experts from Fujian Institute of Metrology and their delegation participated in a series of activities such as invitation speech, round table discussion, poster paper discussion, and visited the National Institute of metrology of Korea

Established in 1958, imeko, as the organizer of international academic activities in the field of measurement and instrumentation, is committed to promoting international exchanges between scientists and engineers. Imeko has developed into an international organization with 37 members, and now it has a decisive influence in the field of measurement and instrumentation. The highest decision-making power of imeko is the General Council representing all members. The General Council is led by the president, the Secretary General and the treasurer. There is a permanent office headed by the Secretary of imeko in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary. The imeko world conference is held every three years to bring together the world's top experts to show the latest progress of the industry

at present, imeko has formed 24 technical committees (TCS) for specific professional directions, covering fields from education and training, testing science to food and nutrition measurement, chemical measurement, etc. each technical committee holds international academic seminars of various disciplines between the two adjacent imeko conferences. Imeko has hosted an important academic journal measurement, which is published by Elsevier press in the UK. The influence of this journal has been continuously expanding, publishing important progress in the detection instrument industry. In the field of control and signal processing technology, imeko has carried out close and good cooperation with relevant international organizations. The measurement and Control Institute of City University of London is one of the founding members of imeko and has always played an important role in the activities of imeko

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