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The 2017 national dealers' annual meeting of yingxuan heavy industry was held grandly. The 2017 national dealers' annual meeting of yingxuan heavy industry was held grandly. The output value will account for 1.5% of the world's total output value of composite materials. On January 6-9, 2017, the 2017 business annual meeting of yingxuan heavy industry with the theme of "hand in hand, build brilliance" was held grandly. Lishiyong, chairman of yingxuan holding group, yanxiuzhu, executive deputy general manager of yingxuan heavy industry, dingguohua, chief financial officer of yingxuan group, zhaoyanzong, chief engineer of yingxuan heavy industry and relevant leaders of the marketing company attended the meeting. All staff of yingxuan heavy industry marketing company and nearly 200 dealers from all over the country gathered together to share achievements, look forward to the future and discuss the development plan for 2017

the 2017 national dealers' annual meeting of yingxuan heavy industry was grandly held

the meeting was presided over by he Keyong, deputy general manager of the marketing company. At the meeting, lishiyong, chairman of yingxuan group, delivered an important speech. Li reported on the overall development trend of yingxuan heavy industry in 2016, and made a profound analysis on the development trend of the current construction machinery industry mainly reflected in the following aspects

lishiyong, chairman of yingxuan group, delivered an important speech

Dong Li said that yingxuan heavy industry joined the construction machinery industry when it was brilliant and grew in the industry downturn. Over the past five years, it has not only made good achievements in corporate culture construction and company management, but also achieved a new leap in product R & D and manufacturing, and achieved steady development in marketing channel construction. At present, the national economy has entered the new normal, the overall development of industry is characterized by slow and steady progress, and the construction machinery industry will face different opportunities and challenges. How to seize the opportunity and make yingxuan heavy industry develop further requires the joint efforts of the enterprise and all dealers. Mr. Li requested that all dealers should have firm confidence, understand the industry situation, keep up with market changes, seize opportunities, work hard, and strengthen cooperation with yingxuan heavy industry to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

meeting site

at the annual business meeting, Mr. Wu, the general director of the marketing company, made a marketing work report and presided over the special lectures on the next decade of China Construction machinery and the product knowledge training and sales skills training of the 2017 annual marketing meeting. He Keyong, deputy general manager of the marketing company, made the theme report of 2017 business policy improvement and adjustment. At the same time, the conference commended and rewarded the outstanding dealers of 20163d printer leading the trend of plastic printer in the future, and the representatives of the winning dealers made typical speeches

experience sharing

interactive exchange and consultation during the meeting, relevant personnel of the company carried out comprehensive learning and discussion with dealers on financial knowledge, financial knowledge, business exchange and other aspects, and conducted interactive exchange and consultation on the problems caused by industry changes under the current situation, which strengthened the dealers' market judgment and coping ability

finally, the annual business conference was successfully concluded at the appreciation dinner held by yingxuan heavy industry. The wonderful performances and lottery activities in the dinner pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Yingxuan people from all over the world spent an unforgettable and beautiful night together. (this article is from yingxuan heavy industry)

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