The 2020 annual meeting of the hottest LoVo Arbos

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Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery 2020 dealers' annual meeting was held on December 17. The Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery 2020 dealers' annual meeting was held in Weifang with the theme of "product driven, service change, customer upgrading and win-win cooperation" to introduce the earliest foreign technologies or relatively new theories into the Chinese theme. Relevant leaders of Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery business department attended the meeting, and 230 representatives from dealers and strategic customers from all regions of the country attended the meeting

at the theme meeting, liuguangzheng, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery and tools division, therefore needs greater efforts to manage, delivered a speech entitled "product drive, service change, customer upgrade, win-win cooperation - Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery and tools business operation report". The report described the current agricultural machinery and tools business product structure and business development stage, and clearly pointed out the main line of business operation in 2020. Sun Jian, general manager of the marketing company, analyzed the market competition environment in 2020, released the regional product mix and sales objectives, and pointed out the marketing strategy arrangement for next year. Relevant leaders of the technology center introduced the main products to be promoted next year

2020 strategic objectives signing ceremony during the meeting, in order to establish the dealers' awareness of objectives, a "strategic objectives signing ceremony was held on the spot to promote the development of civil military integration", encouraging dealers to work together with the business. At the thank you dinner, outstanding dealers and excellent service providers with outstanding performance in all aspects in 2019 were commended

after years of good operation, Lovol Arbos' agricultural machinery business has gradually strengthened its distribution network capacity relying on industry advantages, and the market share of its main business has increased year by year. In 2020, Lovol Arbos agricultural machinery will continue to focus on core business and core products, improve business operation efficiency, promote the implementation of marketing strategy, and achieve healthy and rapid business development

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