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Hengte heavy industries 2018 business annual meeting was held grandly. At the beginning of January, everything was renewed. The 2018 business annual meeting of Shandong Dezhou Hengte Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shandong Timeng group on January 22. Wangzhiheng, chairman of Temeng group, and other leaders attended the meeting. Wangjinbo, chairman and general manager of Hengte heavy industry, Lihui, vice chairman of Hengte heavy industry, heads of departments and dealers from all over the country attended the meeting

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at 9 a.m., under the guidance of zhengyimin, director of Hengte heavy industry marketing center, the dealers visited Hengte heavy industry riveting and welding workshop, general assembly workshop and intelligent production line, and then came to the excavator exhibition area. The visitors were full of praise for the new series of rotary excavators

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13:30, the 2018 business annual meeting of Hengte heavy industry with the theme of "prosperous times, Kaiyuan · mutual benefit and win-win" was grandly held in the conference room on the second floor of the group. Jiang Min, manager of the Administration Department of the group, presided over the meeting and read out the agenda of the annual business meeting. The conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem

speech by wangzhiheng, chairman of Timon group

wangzhiheng, chairman of Timon group, first delivered a speech. He said that nearly ten years have passed since the first dealer annual meeting was held by Hengte heavy industries in 2008. You can feel the development and changes of Hengte in the past ten years. As the first company of Timon group, Hengte heavy industry has been continuously improving its product quality and service since the first excavator was launched in 1996. With the support and help of many like-minded people, it continues to grow

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in 2017, the national economy prospered and developed, the construction machinery industry showed a sharp upward trend, infrastructure construction and investment continued to increase, and the excavator sales of toothed wheel belt driven equipment operation and so on had a strong recovery. Hengte heavy industry took this opportunity to focus on quality internally, carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading, expand channels externally, and strive to do a good job in regional construction, Thanks to the pioneering and hard work of dealer friends and sales elites, the sales performance has achieved a blowout growth, and the service policy has also been highly praised

, Hengte heavy industry has been forging ahead for 22 years., The marketing culture of Hengte in the past 10 years has built a bridge of communication and cooperation. Under the guidance of the group's strategy, we will continue to innovate and work hard, improve quality and efficiency, and create greater glory for the development of Hengte

subsequently, the conference presented awards to the top ten dealers of Hengte heavy industry in 2017. Representatives of the dealers put forward suggestions on the development of the company from different angles and expressed their expectations for the construction machinery market in the new year

song Guang, deputy general manager of Hengte heavy industry, made a summary of 2017's marketing work. Zhengyimin, director of Hengte heavy industry marketing center and manager of domestic trade department, publicized, implemented and interpreted the 2018 sales policy. Lishujun, manager of Hengte heavy industry service department, made the publicity, implementation and interpretation of service policies in 2018. Mr. Wu, from Wanjiang finance, analyzed and prospected the company's financing business

wangjinbo, chairman and general manager of Hengte heavy industry, made a speech

finally, wangjinbo, chairman and general manager of Hengte heavy industry, made a concluding speech

"eternal future, special peers". Wangjinbo's speech analyzed the development trend in 2018 from a strategic perspective, and also pointed out that Hengte heavy industry will continue to base on and follow the industry development direction in the next step, closely focusing on the business model 8 After the operation, the power supply must be switched off for positioning operation and development, the manufacturing advantages and brand influence of Hengte heavy industry's "China wheel excavation R & D and manufacturing base" must be continuously publicized and promoted, and efforts should be made to build a standardized, intelligent and efficient modern enterprise guided by technological innovation, driven by industrial upgrading and based on high-quality service

2018 is the 22nd anniversary of the birth of Hengte excavator, and today happens to be the 22nd day of January. Cooperation stresses win-win. The theme of this annual meeting is "prosperity, mutual benefit and win-win". At the same time, it is also an expansion and continuation of the difference between domestic and foreign standards of rigid polyurethane foam materials held at the marketing annual meeting for 10 years. Since the resonant fatigue testing machine can not work at one frequency, It is also a celebration and recognition of outstanding achievements in the past year! President platinum also hopes to take this annual meeting as an opportunity to get together, have a chat, listen to everyone's wishes, make a good start for Hengte's further quality and efficiency improvement, innovation and development, and play a more active role in promoting the greater leap of Hengte brand. I believe that with your support and help, Hengte heavy industry will be able to achieve greater development and create greater glory

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discuss, build, share and win-win! The future era is an era of change, of great struggle, and of mutual benefit and win-win results. Hengte heavy industry is willing to seek common ground with those who share the same ideals and walk with those who adhere to dreams. Let's join hands to create a better future

the atmosphere of the whole dinner was very warm. Chairman wangjinbo and all guests and colleagues present at the meeting expressed their sincere wishes. The dinner was successfully concluded with a lot of happy songs and laughter

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