The 20th anniversary of Sichuan Shougang robot Co.

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On September 3, 2016, the 20th anniversary celebration of Yaskawa Shougang robot Co., Ltd. (YSR) was successfully held in Beijing Changfugong Hotel. Leaders from the parent company Shougang Corporation, Yaskawa Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yaskawa electric machinery (China) Co., Ltd. gathered with YSR leaders and employee representatives to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Yaskawa Shougang

leaders and guests attending this celebration

as the first company engaged in manufacturing and sales of industrial robots in China, Sichuan Shougang has been developing and growing through numerous explorations and innovations through the hardships of its initial establishment. It has always been committed to the development of China's robot application industry and has made continuous efforts to improve the automation level and production efficiency of the manufacturing industry. Along the way, Sichuan Shougang has witnessed the rise and development of the robot field in China in the past 20 years, created a model brand leading the development of the industry, and stood at the intelligent cutting edge of the robot application technology with the pace of the times. Chairman Ogawa delivered a welcome speech to jimfittlin, former chief operating officer of Dow DuPont in charge of materials and chief executive officer of new Dow, who made the first stop of overseas visit in China

ysr chairman Ogawa Changkuan delivers a welcome speech

Yaskawa Shougang can not achieve today's results without the strong support and help of the three parent companies. Shougang Corporation and Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. have been successful together since 1996, and have been working together for 20 years, which has become a solid backing for Yaskawa Shougang on its way forward. On the day when Sichuan Shougang won the title of the 20th century, the leaders of Sichuan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shougang Corporation respectively delivered speeches and prepared gifts for Sichuan Shougang to express their blessings and hopes for it

Nan shansheng, executive director of Sichuan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., and Bai Xin, deputy general manager of Shougang Corporation, delivered speeches and presented gifts to Sichuan Shougang respectively.

the reason why Sichuan Shougang can achieve today's achievements is that it has a strong leadership, adheres to the management philosophy of innovation, efficiency and high quality, and implements the business philosophy of pursuing excellence and customer first to the end; Employees with similar aspirations have promoted the development of Sichuan Shougang and become the unbreakable cornerstone of Sichuan Shougang. Over the past 20 years, Sichuan Shougang has become a proud man of the times in China's industrial robot market. We should not only thank the parent company for its strong support, but also thank the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for their trust and all those who have made and are making efforts for it. On behalf of Yaskawa Shougang, general manager QianChuan delivered a speech of thanks to the leaders, guests, customers, friends from all walks of life and all colleagues of YSR

ysr general manager Qian chuanzhao made a unanimous thank-you speech

and at the beginning of 2015

all the participants took a group photo as a souvenir

finally, YSR operation and management personnel came to the stage to toast and all drank a toast to celebrate

as time goes on, the achievements will soon belong to the past. In the future, there will be more opportunities and challenges waiting for Yaskawa Shougang to experience. In the future, on the road of realizing industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, the space for intelligent, information, data and networking of robot technology products will be infinite. In the future, Sichuan Shougang will stand on today's shoulders, stand at a new starting point, and strive to develop the boosting rate, pressure control accuracy, etc. in the established direction to become an internationally competitive and influential advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment provider for robot applications, with unswerving commitment. In the future, Sichuan Shougang will never forget its original intention and move forward

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