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The 20th China Color Masterbatch industry annual conference will be held in Hunan Province. The 2013 National Plastic coloring and color masterbatch automobile interior decoration Jinan experimental machine factory high and low temperature universal material testing machine is used to test the tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation, elongation of various materials, semi-finished products and finished products under different temperature environments. It can be used for peeling, tearing, bending, bending, tightening and other experiments The technology and trade information exchange conference and the 20th China Color Masterbatch industry annual conference with annual port output of about 5billion will be held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province from September 24 to 26, and the color masterbatch exhibition will be held at the same time. During the conference, 7 leading color masterbatch enterprises at home and abroad and upstream pigment, additive enterprises and equipment enterprises in the national high-tech industrialization base will discuss and exchange on how to promote the scientific development of the industry. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Color Masterbatch professional committee of China Dyestuff Industry Association. According to qiaohui, Secretary General of the color masterbatch special committee, China has become an important color masterbatch production base and consumer market in the world

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