3 spaces, 12 pieces of American style household it

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American rural style abandons tediousness and luxury, integrates the excellent elements of different styles, and emphasizes "returning to nature". Whether it is heavy furniture or accessories with vicissitudes of life, it highlights the comfort and freedom of life

part1: American country living room with complex cloth art

the complex flower cloth art is the most natural green, which is very harmonious with the brown wood of the sofa. The heavy tea table is very textured, and the old effect reflects its sense of history. Brown and green are the most common colors in rural style, emitting a rustic atmosphere

American sofa

brand: amino

fabric process: embossing

size: width x depth x height =204cmx85cmx93cm (three people)

reference price: 2989 yuan

decoration matching suggestions: fabric is a very important element in rural style, natural cotton and linen is the mainstream, and the natural sense of fabric can be well coordinated with rural style; All kinds of complicated flowers and plants, beautiful exotic customs and fresh bird, insect and fish patterns are very popular, comfortable and casual

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