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Wood wax oil is a coating that can only be used on wood. To put it simply, waxy wood oil can only be applied to wooden products, such as wooden furniture, wooden floors, wooden houses, wooden railings, etc. The main reason is that wood wax oil does not contain protective film components, and there are certain hardness requirements for the wood used. High hard wood wax oil can be used for softer wood. At present, the quality of cherisi wood wax oil in the domestic high hard wood wax oil brand is acceptable

of course, no paint can meet all needs, so wax oil is not perfect, because wax oil can not prevent man-made damage, can not prevent wood products from aging. Wood wax oil only plays a role in maintaining and protecting wood, which can delay the aging of wood and prolong the service life of wood products. At the same time, wood wax oil can't hide ugliness, because it mainly highlights the natural beauty of wood itself. If the material itself is ugly, wood wax oil can't achieve beauty effect. Because the wood products brushed with wood wax oil reflect the simple original ecology. The main benefits are environmental protection, tasteless, and return to natural wood texture. Therefore, wood wax oil is used to maintain furniture (especially high-end mahogany furniture, which has the best effect). Wood flooring, wooden houses, wooden pavilions and other wood products have a very good effect. It can be painted for 3 to 5 years at a time

wood wax oil is a kind of wood paint, but it is different from other wood paints. It is mainly used in oily coatings on wood and bamboo products. Now let's take a look at the functional comparison between wood wax oil and other wood lacquer

water based paint: water based paint belongs to environmental protection products, which mainly uses water as the main solvent, and is non-toxic, non polluting and non combustible. There is a certain gap between water-based paint and oil-based paint in hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance. The drying speed of water-based paint is slow. It has requirements for temperature and humidity, and the price is expensive

polyurethane paint: PU paint has strong film, full gloss, water resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used for wooden furniture. However, PU paint is not environmentally friendly and will cause damage to the environment and human health. It is not recommended to use it for furniture or flooring. After all, life is the most important

UV curable paint: UV curable paint is a kind of "light dead" paint, which will quickly solidify into a film in a few seconds if exposed to sunlight. Generally, it can only be painted on the surface, which is not applicable to the overall wood products, which are easy to fall off and crack

waxwood oil: natural vegetable oil, which is mainly composed of palm wax, sunflower oil, soybean oil, flax oil, Thistle oil, etc., and does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other harmful substances. The main function of wood wax oil is to enhance the surface hardness of wood, highlight the log texture, penetrate the interior of wood for nourishing protection, waterproof, antifouling, anti cracking

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