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Sometimes the study is not an independent space, which may be opened up by the balcony. This design is also very practical for small houses. The study opened by the balcony, the design of tatami, and the multi-functional space. Such a study tatami decoration renderings, small family room design, can not be missed

independent study space, modern and simple style, white main tone, with lattice curtains, adding a small and fresh tone. Practical tatami and practical bookcase are practical storage places. The effect drawing of tatami decoration in the study is decorated with picture frames on the wall

the warm study design, such a tatami, is still relatively large, and can also be used to spend time with friends. Effect drawing of tatami decoration in the study: Japanese style, very small room, warm effect

the gray space design adds a warm effect under the light. Personalized decoration adds points to the decoration of the room. Chinese style study design

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1. The desk cannot be placed in the middle of the study

because it is a four sided isolated layout, with no one to rely on around, front, back, left and right. It is lonely in both academic and career, and it is difficult to develop

2. Place aquatic plants such as Phyllostachys pubescens in front of the desk in the study

it is better to have a single branch, such as three, five and seven branches, which makes people feel vibrant and pleasing to the eye, which is conducive to enlightening wisdom and relieving mood at the same time. In addition, cactus and cactus balls can also be placed in front of the desk in the study. They can relieve fatigue when your eyes are tired

3. Irregular houses cannot be used as study

because if the shape of the study is irregular, a sharp angle will be formed, which will affect the academic performance of scholars and be detrimental to scholars

4. The study is better to gather Qi

any room would rather be small and elegant than large and inappropriate. If the space of the study is set too large, it is difficult to concentrate on reading or writing. Gathering Qi is one of the basic principles of Feng Shui. In such an empty study, it is difficult to achieve the effect of gathering Qi, which affects the study of scholars

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