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In the current home decoration, the ceiling will be used in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other places. People usually pay attention to large products such as cabinets and furniture when decorating, but they don't care much about the ceiling. In fact, a good selection of ceiling materials can not only ensure the life, but also avoid a lot of trouble. However, to select good ceiling materials, it is necessary to use both eyes and hands

aluminum gusset plate top is the most commonly used

ceiling is composed of decorative plate, keel, hanging wire and other materials, which can be changed and renewed frequently according to needs. It is a very convenient household item. According to the different materials of decorative boards, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, metal board ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling, etc. the cost of gypsum board is relatively cheap, followed by PVC board, and metal board is the most durable but the price is higher. At present, aluminum gusset ceiling in metal plate is mainly used in home decoration

1) because pure aluminum is relatively soft, the aluminum gusset plate on the market is actually a ceiling made of aluminum alloy, including aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum manganese alloy, etc. Aluminum manganese alloy gusset plate has higher hardness. Aluminum magnesium alloy not only increases the hardness, but also increases some brightness. Good texture and strong decorative effect. High quality aluminum manganese alloy gusset plate is commonly known as stainless aluminum because of its good corrosion resistance

2) there are some inferior base materials in the market, such as garbage aluminum, recycled aluminum or native aluminum, which are easy to deform and oxidize, and some even recycled waste aluminum containing chromium, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. This kind of aluminum gusset base material has low price, high hardness and certain thickness, which is very deceptive

3) the width of aluminum gusset plate on the market is generally between 10-15 cm, and the thickness is 0.55 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm. The price is between 130 yuan/square meter and 200 yuan/square meter

glass ceiling

colored glass is generally used for ceiling decoration, and light sources can be placed inside to increase the aesthetic effect. It is mostly used for local ceiling, which requires a certain artistic effect. 1) Glass ceiling is not a common ceiling, which is suitable for some people who pursue color effect

2) the acceptance of glass ceiling should focus on the variety, specification, color, pattern, fixing method and other factors of glass

gypsum board ceiling

ceiling decorative panel made of gypsum board, with a general size of 500 mm &215; 500 mm, 600 mm &215; 600mm, it has good sound-absorbing effect, fire-retardant, but it is easy to blister and change color over time. It is mostly used for public decoration, and a new type of waterproof gypsum board ceiling is not popular in the home decoration market at present. 1) Gypsum ceiling is suitable for office or public places, and it is generally not recommended for home installation

2) before formal construction, workers should first use a horizontal pipe to measure whether the ink line snapped on the wall is horizontal. Only by ensuring the exact level of the foundation line, can the ceiling installed later not be inclined or have a height drop

3) it is best to use stainless steel drywall nails to fix the gypsum board. Such nails will not rust, which can ensure the long-term beauty of the gypsum board in the future

pvc board ceiling

common ceiling materials have low cost, diverse designs and colors, are easy to clean and pave, but at present, they are mostly eliminated. 1) The practicability is not strong. The owner can't disassemble it at will, and must have professional workers to deal with it. If it catches up with water leakage at home or circuit inspection, it will take a long time

2) general PVC ceiling is prone to aging and discoloration for a long time

integrated ceiling

there are many integrated ceilings on the market at present

integrated ceiling integrates lamps, exhaust fans, Yuba and other products into a ceiling, which is generally promoted by the authoritative manufacturer of a product, integrating design, service, installation and other aspects. The product quality is guaranteed, and the top design of the space can effectively separate the space according to the functional areas of the room, so that the light source can play its effect in the most limited range. Compared with ordinary ceiling, the integrated ceiling is beautiful and fashionable, which is very effective. 1) For many ordinary consumers, the concept of integrated ceiling is relatively unfamiliar, and it may also be fooled by some bad businesses in the process of purchase. As there will be sales of related electrical appliances in the sales process of integrated ceiling, some bad businesses in the market still include the area of kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances in the ceiling area

2) many consumers pay special attention to the thickness of the ceiling in the process of purchasing kitchen and bathroom ceilings, and believe that the thicker the ceiling, the better the quality. In this regard, relevant guests made it clear that the choice of ceiling should not blindly pursue the thickness of plate. As long as the national standard is 0.6mm, it can meet the use of kitchen and bathroom, and it is clearly pointed out that the thicker the ceiling plate is, the better the quality is

precautions when choosing aluminum gusset ceiling, we should look at aluminum, film and back cover, and inspect the quality of aluminum gusset from these three aspects&# 8221; First, check the material of aluminum. Since it is difficult for ordinary consumers to see the material of aluminum, it is recommended that consumers check the hardness of gusset plate by themselves, and then check whether the paint surface is flat, free of burrs and color difference

next, it depends on the film. Consumers can pull the edge of the gusset plate. If there is a film, it means that the film is not closely bonded with the gusset plate; Again, look at the back cover (the back of the gusset plate), which is a part ignored by many consumers. Generally, the back cover should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and it should be pulled out by hand. If the back cover can be pulled out, it means that its material is not good; Generally, regular manufacturers will paint the manufacturer's logo and production date on the back, and consumers can also distinguish the quality of products by whether there are these words or not. If there are all, it means that it is the mechanized production of regular manufacturers, which is different from small workshops, and the quality is relatively guaranteed

finally, experts suggest choosing brand products&# 8220; Brand products are relatively standardized and guaranteed in terms of quality and service&# 8221; If you choose a good product, you have to observe it carefully and pinch it yourself

when purchasing gypsum board ceiling, check whether the surface is smooth, without blistering, discoloration, scratches, damage, and the pattern is symmetrical; Good PVC board ceiling should have a crisp sound when knocked, with good toughness and no peculiar smell; When purchasing glass ceiling, it should be customized in advance, and use high-temperature tempered glass

the maintenance of the ceiling is also very important, because the oil smoke in the kitchen is large, and failure to pay attention to the maintenance will lead to the corrosion of the ceiling. Therefore, experts suggest that the ceiling should be wiped regularly. In case of oil and scale, a small brush can be used for local brushing; In case of damaged and heavily polluted single chip, it can be replaced and updated, but pay attention to the color difference; In addition, the gap of the ceiling can also be painted with anti greasy protective agent&# 8220; Usually, you can also scrub with a sponge mop mixed with neutral detergent&# 8221;




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