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Modern beast wall cloth "polar bear" series wall cloth, mainly a unique one, wins with its unique temperament and flamboyant shape, primitive and natural, all inclusive

Just remember till you' re home again ,

you belong to me.

the wall cloth of the modern beast polar bear series is mainly a unique one, winning with its unique temperament and flamboyant shape. It is primitive, natural and all inclusive

the frost falls, the bear rises, the forest empties, the deer drinks the stream

bears are sometimes quiet, but when they encounter prey, they are rapid; Sometimes cute, in danger is fierce

the single flower design made by modern beasts has a myriad of styles, mysterious and complex, free and romantic

dusk snow in Qianshan (bjxss01/02/03) and spring (bjxsz01/02) use elements such as the scenery of the motherland, flowers, plants and trees, which are extremely "Oriental and modern", full of affectionate and ardent sustenance, imply beauty, and show the indifferent and ethereal new Chinese style

kingdom of life (bjxdx01/02/03) takes tropical plants and large beasts as the main design elements. In the depths of the primeval forest, birds and animals, flowers, birds, fish and insects inhabit here, full of vitality, warm and natural color matching, and love to create the style of tropical rainforest

the night King (bjxbm01/02) and wings of hope (bjxym01/02/03/04) use design elements such as zebras and wings, with gradual color changes and abstract pictures, showing a unique modern style of light luxury

the Black Knight (bjxqs01/02/03/04) takes medieval knights as the design material, has rich humanistic colors, embodies the spirit of chivalry, and expresses the French style of romantic literature and art

this thing is unparalleled in the world. It is generous and generous

modern beast wall cloth

modern beast wall cloth uses a standard international color system to reconcile the color products that can best trigger human senses. Its publicized color not only highlights the fashion characteristics of the products, but also improves the overall home style, so that the accomplishment of color in product technology is displayed incisively and vividly. The company is committed to building a personalized wall cloth into a leading brand that reflects "feeling different, life should be publicized" in the overall soft clothing

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