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Construction problems and solutions: (wallpaper standard: national standard of the people's Republic of China -- gb50210— 2001)

· Mismatching -- when the wallpaper is mismatched during construction, check whether the construction method is correct or whether the wallpaper is mismatched before construction, or whether the paper is stretched or in the wrong position. It can be assembled on the workbench of the sample coated with glue

· Color difference -- if there is color difference during wallpaper construction, check whether the model and batch number of wallpaper are consistent; Then pave the paper that has not been constructed and observe whether the color has color difference (opposite flowers, in the same direction). If there is color difference, the construction should be stopped. If the color of wallpaper is different after construction, it should be the contrast of light or moisture

· Wallpaper falling off -- if the wallpaper falls off after construction, check whether the wall is treated well or whether the glue meets the requirements

· Warping of wallpaper -- if the edge of wallpaper is warped after construction, check whether the glue is applied evenly and the water absorption of the wall, and appropriately increase the bonding strength of the glue

· The paper edge is dirty -- it is too dirty to check the wall and construction desktop. Please remove the excess glue

· Contraction joint -- if there is a crack in the contraction of wallpaper after construction, check whether the construction method is incorrect or the glue bonding strength is poor. The construction will shrink when the sealing paint treated at the bottom of the wall is not completely dry

· Shiny edge -- the edge is under too much pressure and friction during construction. Reduce the friction on the wallpaper, and check whether the glue on the edge of the wall is removed

· The wallpaper is transparent -- if the background color or shadow is exposed after the wallpaper is constructed, check whether the wall color is consistent or whether the glue is accumulated

· Bubble -- check the amount of glue applied or whether the wall has been glued. You can fill the bubble with water and stick the wallpaper tightly

· Paint - if the paint sticks to the wallpaper, it should be immediately wiped off with a dry cloth, so as not to expand the trace. Quickly clean it with ethanol or ethylene peroxide, and then clean it with clean water

· Ink and pen marks -- there are ink and pen marks on the wallpaper, which can be cleaned with ethanol

· Paint and asphalt - wallpaper with paint can be cleaned with turpentine or kerosene

· Gum and shoe polish -- scrape off the gum grease on the wallpaper as much as possible, or wipe it off with paraffin (wipe it with ice, the gum is easier to fall off), and then wash it with water

· Food or other stains -- wipe them off and then wash them with clean water. Wipe off the wax (wipe with ice, the gum is easier to fall off), and then wash with water

· Food or other stains -- wipe them off and then wash them with clean water





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