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Take the lead with M2M - Tongfang software one3.0 new product release

on June, 2007, at the 11th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing Tongfang Software Co., Ltd. exhibited its latest version of Ezone business foundation platform and ezm2m component platform. The release of version 3.0 has enabled Tongfang Ezone family to gain another round of vitality

Tongfang Ezone (Yizhong) is an application middleware platform based on j2ee/xml/portlet/wfmc and other open technologies, which provides an integrated framework and rich components and development tools with a total investment of more than 160billion yuan. On the Ezone platform, integrating control technology and information technology, we have developed many industry software, such as intelligent building, urban heating, RFID, collaborative office, intelligent transportation, which can meet the information needs of many industries. At present, Tongfang Ezone (Yizhong), together with Kingdee, UFIDA and Inspur, is one of the four major domestic business basic platforms

the latest Ezone V3.0 has been expanded in function and performance to a certain extent, and the most significant change is the addition of ezm2m component platform

ezm2m component platform is an M2M industry system integration solution based on Tongfang Ezone (Yizhong) business basic platform. It is a general service platform for digital city, municipal and enterprise applications. The platform provides enterprise level equipment and subsystem integration services, including access services of subsystems and equipment, data storage services, protocols for data exchange with application software and interfaces to realize this protocol, forming a set of application service framework used by application software based on this platform. Its ultimate goal is to comprehensively and effectively monitor and manage all the equipment in the jurisdiction, and ensure that all the equipment and subsystems are in an efficient, energy-saving and optimal operation state, as Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor, once said

ezm2m products provide a "semi-finished product" of M2M industry integration system in a standardized and modular manner. In the M2M industry system implementation project, according to the specific requirements of the project, as long as the secondary developers make some "tailor-made" refinements of the relevant "semi-finished product" modules, this meeting also attracted a number of foreign enterprises (sometimes without processing, just configuration and deployment), and then combined with the Ezone platform, a complete intelligent device/subsystem integration system can be formed

ezm2m carries forward the internationally advanced M2M concept, adheres to all the technical advantages of Ezone V3.0 platform, and adopts advanced technologies such as data gate and SOA. I believe it will add new vitality to Tongfang Ezone family and seize the first opportunity in the market

m2m realizes the communication between machines. In a broad sense, the abbreviation M2M represents the following meanings:

◆ machine to machine

◆ human to machine (man we serve customers for a long time to machine)

◆ machine to man

◆ mobile to machine

it covers all implementations in people, machines Technology and means of establishing communication connection between systems. It can be said that the space of M2M is as large as you can imagine

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