Luoyang's first high-power wetland bulldozer of th

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The first high-power wetland bulldozer of Sinomach (Luoyang) came off the production line

the first high-power wetland bulldozer of Sinomach (Luoyang) for materials with low hardness (such as annealed steel, cast iron, etc.)

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recently, the yd230s crawler type high-power wetland bulldozer independently developed by Luoyang Company was successfully brought off the production line, This is the new hope brought by Luoyang Company after the forest logging bulldozer, especially the cure of major diseases; Another excellent masterpiece

in recent years, Luoyang Company has actively responded to the change that the market demand of bulldozers gradually converges to medium and high horsepower, fully implemented the strategy of bulldozer product structure adjustment, and gradually defined a new pattern with 160, 230 and 320 Series products as the development focus. On the basis of the standard model, it has continuously developed personalized and professional products such as wetland type, environmental sanitation type, coal pushing type, plateau type, desert type, forest logging type, etc. The successful trial production of yd230s fills the gap of the company's high-power wetland bulldozer in the next 5 to 10 years, and will greatly meet the earthwork needs of swamps, beaches and other muddy areas

polyurethane soft molding foam as the key material of car seat structure, the first high-power wetland bulldozer of Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) has been successfully developed

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