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Luoyang has issued eight policies to help upgrade the bearing industry

the bearing industry is one of the traditional advantageous industries in Luoyang. In order to give full play to the comparative advantages of the bearing industry and promote its accelerated development, the Luoyang Municipal Party committee and government issued eight supporting policies on the 6th to "refuel and help" the comprehensive upgrading of the bearing industry in Luoyang

-- strengthen project support. From June 1st, 2007, for new bearing and spare parts and special equipment production projects that enter the high-tech Development Zone, Luolong science and Technology Park, Yiluo Industrial Park, Jianxi science and Technology Park, economic and Technological Development Zone, Laocheng Industrial Park and other parks, and for projects with fixed asset investment of more than 5million yuan and completed within one or two years, the financial department will provide one-time support according to 3% to 7% of the actually completed equipment investment; All key projects and high-tech projects that meet the conditions of the "opinions of Luoyang Municipal People's Government on Further Strengthening the industrialization of high and new technologies in industrial restructuring and guiding fund management" can be given certain discount support

-- encourage enterprises to become stronger and bigger. For the bearing and supporting enterprises whose sales revenue exceeded 100million yuan, 500million yuan, 1billion yuan and 2billion yuan for the first time and whose warehousing tax exceeded that of the previous year, the municipal government awarded the person in charge of the enterprise the honorary titles of "outstanding talent for the development of Luoyang bearing industry" and so on. Set up the "Development Award for small and medium-sized bearing enterprises" to reward the operators of small and medium-sized bearing and supporting enterprises according to the annual sales revenue

-- vigorously promote scientific and technological progress. For the patent inventor who has been granted the invention patent certificate and has implemented industrialization in Luoyang, the financial department will give the patent inventor a one-time cash subsidy of 100000 yuan. For the newly recognized national, provincial and municipal enterprise R & D centers and key laboratories, the financial department will grant a one-time subsidy of 500000 yuan, 300000 yuan and 100000 yuan respectively according to the level

-- vigorously develop bearing industrial parks and industrial clusters. Encourage enterprises to gather and develop in the bearing industrial park to improve the industrial concentration. If the sales revenue of the bearing industrial park or industrial agglomeration area exceeds 100million yuan for the first time and the warehousing tax exceeds 10million yuan, the financial department will give a one-time reward of 100000 yuan to the organizer or social organizer; If the sales revenue of the current year exceeds 1billion yuan for the first time and the warehousing tax exceeds 100million yuan, the financial department will give a one-time reward of 1million yuan to the organizer or social undertaker

-- encourage personnel from state-owned enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities to establish new enterprises. The backbone of state-owned enterprises and scientific research institutes in Luoyang engaged in scientific research, management, sales and other businesses, as well as the personnel with senior professional titles in Colleges and universities, newly established bearing and accessories, equipment and other production enterprises. Since the year of establishment, if the enterprise rents the standardized plant in the Industrial Park and signs a repurchase agreement, the financial department will subsidize all rents for three consecutive years

-- cultivate famous brand products. The financial department will give a one-time reward of 500000 yuan to enterprises that have newly won the titles of China's well-known trademarks and China's famous brand products; The financial department will give a one-time reward of 100000 yuan to Xinrong enterprises that have won the title of famous brand products in Henan Province

-- encourage the expansion of exports. For bearing and accessories manufacturing enterprises whose exports are included in Luoyang index, if the export volume of that year reaches more than 500000 US dollars for the first time, the financial department will give a reward of 50000 yuan; The export volume of the previous year has reached 500000 US dollars, and the bearing and accessory manufacturing enterprises that should make the jaws symmetrically clamp the samples above as required, the export volume of that year is higher than the accumulated energy for development; 2. The financial department will give a reward of 50000 yuan to cultivate the strategic pillar non coal industry for each additional 500000 US dollars in the previous year

-- encourage enterprises to attract investment through business and joint investment by counties (cities) and districts. The municipal government will reward host enterprises that have introduced foreign supporting enterprises to establish production bases in Luoyang in accordance with the municipal incentive measures for investment promotion

it is understood that in order to effectively build Luoyang's bearing industry into an advantageous and characteristic industry to promote economic development, the city can only use two years to further clarify its future development goals: by 2010, the production capacity of the city's bearing products will reach 150million sets, the sales revenue will reach more than 7billion yuan, and the bearing process equipment and leading products will be in the leading position in China. By 2015, the sales revenue of the bearing industry in the city will reach 12billion yuan

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