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Luoyang will implement differentiated control over peak staggering production enterprises in eight industries, such as steel and coking. Recently, Luoyang Municipal Environmental Improvement office issued the notice on regulating peak staggering production in heating season and emergency emission reduction measures for heavily polluted weather in industrial enterprises, which made it clear that Luoyang will further regulate and unify peak staggering production and emergency emission reduction measures compared with other operational links in industrial and agricultural production, Implement differentiated management and control for peak staggering production enterprises

according to the notice, Luoyang will implement staggered peak production in eight industries, including steel, coking, casting, building materials, nonferrous metals, pharmaceuticals, thermal power and chemicals, with annual net new production capacity of 1-1.5 million tons, and implement differentiated control according to emission concentration, total emission and other indicators in different industries. For enterprises that are included in the category of peak staggering production, measures such as limiting production by 20%, 50% and 80% will be implemented in accordance with the principle of stopping production in turn. Key vehicle enterprises and urban logistics and distribution enterprises involved in the transportation of bulk materials, such as steel, building materials, coking, nonferrous metals, chemicals and mines, will stop the transportation of bulk materials during the orange and above heavy pollution weather warning period, and diesel trucks are not allowed to enter and leave the plant in principle

certainly suitable parameters in terms of emergency emission reduction in heavily polluted weather, stone mining and processing, silica industry, cement products (including cement prefabrication, components, commercial concrete stations, etc.) and other industries in the heating season will be shut down in principle during the early warning response period of heavily polluted weather. At the same time, corundum enterprises that use electricity and natural gas as fuels will limit production for one month from December 15 to January 15 next year. Ferroalloys, abrasives, glass products, glass fibers, ceramic fibers, ceramsite, flux, lead and zinc smelting and other industries will take turns to stop and limit production

in addition, enterprises that cannot stably meet the emission standards, enterprises that do not have organized emission control in place, enterprises that do not directly touch the industry with their hands, and enterprises that fail to rectify the environmental problems effectively complained by the superior and the masses are regarded as enterprises that do not meet the environmental protection standards, and they will stop production in the heating season

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