Tips for tire maintenance in winter

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Up position! Winter tire maintenance strategy

your balance in 2016 has been less than 60 days, and your horse's energy consumption has increased by 80% and you are about to embark on the journey of Spring Festival transportation. Those friends who drive home have paid attention to ang. Today, we are going to send you benefits. A new wave of car tire maintenance makes you feel at ease on the way home. In winter, it is not only the maintenance of changing the oil, but also the maintenance of car tires. If you want to protect your car well, you must develop good driving habits. Starting too hard, braking hard, and steering in place will cause serious damage to the tire and bury the hidden danger of tire blowout. Today, I will simply share with you some tips on tire maintenance in winter

1 another trend is the rise of electric vehicles (EV) in the world Tire pressure

in winter, the rubber will become gbt232 ⑴ 999 metal material zigzag test method is hard, so it will become relatively brittle, and the friction coefficient will be reduced, which requires that the tire pressure should not be too high, but not too low. Too high tire pressure will not only increase the risk of tire burst, but also make the middle of the tire contact the ground in a protruding form, which will significantly reduce the grip range of the whole vehicle's tires

the external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tire can accelerate the aging seriously, which can not provide enough grip area while increasing the wear of the tire wall, and the degree of danger is no less than that of driving with high tire pressure. And often wearing the thinnest part of the tire wall will directly lead to the early scrapping of the tire

2. Tire texture

the sidewall of the tire is the most vulnerable part of the whole tire. Once there is scratch and scratch, it will basically directly lead to tire burst. The inner sidewall will suffer more damage than the outer side. When driving at high speed, the sharp surface of small stones brought by the wind pressure under the car bottom may directly hit the inner sidewall and cause scratches

it is recommended to check whether the inner wall of the tire is injured after each run on the road with complex conditions and before and after the high-speed. When parking in good visibility weather, turn the steering wheel to the end, and you can directly see the situation that the purchasers of many enterprises turn to the inner sidewall of the tire

3. Good driving habits

in addition, good driving habits are also very important in car maintenance, which is directly related to the owner. Excessive starting, sudden steering, emergency braking, high-speed driving in areas with poor road conditions, frequent getting on and off the curb, and tires scratching obstacles when parking will all lead to serious wear of tires, thereby reducing the service life of tires. Therefore, good driving habits are one of the most direct and effective ways to maintain tires

in winter, the inclusions in the tread should be cleaned frequently. Try to avoid using tires that have been repaired more than once, and replace tires with large wear and different patterns of different brands. The wear inside and outside the tire is very different. In order to ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be replaced regularly

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