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Luxury packaging of goods makes consumers complain endlessly. The law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will come into force on April 1, and luxury packaging of goods will be suspended. It is reported that the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will come into force on April 1, and luxury packaging of goods will be suspended. The new law implements the producer extension system, which not only requires producers to be responsible for the environmental pollution caused in the production process, but also undertake the responsibility of recycling or disposal of used packaging. Enterprises that produce, sell and import packages that are listed in the compulsory recycling catalogue according to law must recycle the packages in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. It is reported that various packages account for about 30% of the total weight of municipal waste. Among them, solid waste packaging accounts for the vast majority, which not only wastes resources, but also seriously pollutes the environment. Most people dislike luxury packaging. Ms. Li, who lives on July 1st Road in Xinzhou, recently told me that she went to the supermarket and bought two boxes of nutritional and health products to honor her parents. Father opened the exquisite outer packing box and found that there were small boxes inside the big box. Among the cardboard boxes folded into squares layer by layer, there were small glass bottles wrapped in yellow silk and separated by plastic foam. Take out these glass bottles containing nutrients and add them to the full speed in 0.01 seconds. Their combined volume is less than a quarter of the outer packaging box. Take a look at that exquisite big box and a pile of yellow silk and paper lattice. It's just chicken ribs. It's a little reluctant to throw it away and it's useless to keep it. "Spend a little money on things and a lot of money on packaging." Ms. Li has some opinions on this. Investigations in several supermarkets in Xinzhou also found that many commodities, ranging from chocolate and candy to various gift wines and cosmetics qb/t 2358 ⑼ 8 plastic film packaging bag heat sealing strength test products, are everywhere with luxurious packaging. Many consumers talk about the bloated packaging of goods, saying that they "support competent and qualified backbone enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions to establish R & D bases, open laboratories, science and technology incubators, technology transfer centers, etc. in developed countries". "This kind of packaging is only suitable for gift giving. It was first used in sweat pipes and looks decent, but if you buy it for yourself or your relatives, you will never choose this kind of packaging." This is the voice of nearly 80% of consumers after investigation. The cost of packaging is passed on to consumers. Although high-quality products may affect the market because of their simple packaging, it is not difficult for careful people to find that in recent years, some manufacturers pay too much attention to packaging, and the outer packaging soon transits from "simple" to the other extreme - "luxury", especially the packaging of some food and cosmetics leads the "trend" of "luxury" packaging. The price of high-grade products with luxury gift packaging is about 30% higher than that of the same product with ordinary packaging. Nevertheless, gift packs are still very marketable. According to reports, due to the visual impact of luxury packaging, products can quickly enter the high-end ranks, and sales growth is obvious, so all manufacturers have spared no effort to increase packaging costs. At present, the most typical luxury packaging in the food industry is the moon cake of the Mid Autumn Festival. However, in recent years, with the appeal of consumers for moon cake "slimming down", manufacturers have paid more and more attention to it, but the excessive packaging of other goods has not attracted attention. In fact, the manufacturers' efforts in the outer packaging of goods, on the one hand, reflect the fierce competition in the market, and the product appearance is constantly surprising and new; On the other hand, consumers' excessive pursuit of "decency" and "luxury" in gift giving is also causing trouble. But "the wool comes from the sheep." The money will eventually be paid by consumers. Another problem caused by excessive packaging of goods is urban garbage. It is understood that steel, foamed plastics, paper and other resources are often used in commodity packaging. Once these packages are discarded, most of them will have no recycling value under the existing waste treatment methods, but on the contrary, they will greatly increase the treatment capacity of urban waste. Although the luxury packaged gifts in the market are really exciting, it is far from enough to rely on beauty in packaging. Many consumers are very in favor of simple packaging. If you buy goods for yourself or your family, it doesn't matter whether there is a beautiful package or not; If it is given as a gift, the packaging really needs to be exquisite, but it should also be enough. On the other hand, packaging is only the "Facade" of products. What consumers really care about is products. Only by better improving product quality, businesses will be in an invincible position in business

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