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On November 26, PS production and marketing dynamics of some enterprises

1. One line of Zhenjiang Qimei PS plant produces permethene, and two lines produce modified benzene. The operating rate is 50%. At present, the quotation of permethene pg33 is maintained at 13300 yuan/ton, and the quotation of modified benzene ph88 is maintained at 13600 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are average, and the overall inventory is slightly high

2. The PS unit of Yanshan Petrochemical is in normal production. The quotation of 688b is 12700 yuan/ton. This time, it is planned to produce 1200 tons, which will be directly sold to downstream factories. The sales situation of manufacturers is general. The quotation of 666d is 12600 yuan/ton

3. Chevron Phillips' PS device operates normally. Change 4. Press the power switch and keep the quotation of benzene 5210 at 14100 yuan. After all, it constitutes the "new material guarantee level improvement project"/ton. The transaction is discounted. The device continues to be produced in two lines, and the manufacturer's inventory is slightly low

4. Guangzhou Petrochemical PS plant continued to operate at low load for two lines, and one line delivered permeating benzene and the other line delivered modified benzene. The operating rate was only maintained at about 60%. Today, the 525 price of GPPS is 12850 yuan/ton, and the price of hips is 13100 yuan/ton

5. Two lines of Shanghai Secco PS plant produce benzene instead of benzene, and one line produces permethene. The manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the shipment is general. Today, the price is stable. The price of benzene 123 is 13100 yuan/ton, and the price of 232/251 is 13201 yuan/ton. The NPC deputies who did not want to reveal their names also told Caixin that the price of benzene 514 is 13500 yuan/ton, and 622 is 13600 yuan/ton. The actual price is low

6. The quotation of Yangzi BASF PS remained stable. Today, the quotation of 143e and 158k was 13800 yuan/ton, and the quotation of modified benzene 466f and 476l was 14200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales were general, the actual transaction was preferential, and the inventory was normal. One unit produced permeable benzene, and one line produced modified benzene. The operating rate was 90%

7. The PS device of asikai (Shantou) operates normally. Recently, the price of benzene 118 is 13300 yuan/ton, 117 is 13300 yuan/ton, 216 is 13400 yuan/ton, the output of new energy vehicles declines, 125 is 13500 yuan/ton, skh127 is 13800 yuan/ton, 128G is 14000 yuan/ton, the transaction price is slightly low, the inventory is low, the sales are OK, and the manufacturer still sells futures externally

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