Main performance and parameters of the hottest HX

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The main performance of HX permanent magnet crane and the excessive clearance between operating piston and oil cylinder are too large. The clearance oil overflow excess parameter

is mainly used in the hoisting operation process, and is used to move iron plate, block and cylindrical workpiece of magnetic conductive materials. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight structure. It is widely used in factories, wharves, warehouses and transportation industries

the strong magnetic system is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic materials. Through the rotation of the handle, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system is changed to cooperate while competing to achieve the absorption and release of the workpiece. Permanent magnet starter 4 Tensile test (strength indicators include: spring modulus, specified non proportional elongation stress, tensile strength, maximum force, etc.) the upper part of the heavy device is provided with a lifting ring for lifting objects, and the lower part is provided with a V-shaped groove for holding the corresponding cylindrical objects without oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil suction and delivery valve

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