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Main performance, characteristics and main application fields of the hydraulic plier

hydraulic plier 4. The digital display is similar to the oil source of the computer. The main performance of the machine:

no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust

the splitting can be completed in a few seconds, with high work efficiency

controllable splitting and removal, accurate splitting size

moderate weight, simple operation Easy maintenance

demolition work can be carried out indoors and in narrow places

features of hydraulic plier:

1, safety

this plier can be controlled under the static hydraulic environment and will not produce some hidden dangers like blasting machines and other impact demolition and drilling equipment; No complex safety measures are required

2. Environmental protection

when the plier works, it will not produce vibration, impact, noise, dust, flying debris, etc. The surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as near precision equipment, it can work without interference

3. Economy

this plier can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously without interruption. It has high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs. It does not need to take isolation measures such as gamma radiation or other time-consuming and expensive safety measures like blasting operations

4. Accuracy

different from most removal methods and equipment for flow transmission, the folding machine can accurately determine the splitting direction, splitting shape and the size of the required part in advance. It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments, with high splitting accuracy

5. Applicability

the humanized shape design and durability structure design of this plier machine. There are different buttons and control keys in the pressure testing machine, which ensure that its use method is simple and easy to learn. It only needs one person to operate, convenient maintenance and long service life; It is very convenient to handle the folding machine and hydraulic pump station

main application fields:

1, rock splitting and crushing

rock excavation (such as rock ditch and foundation excavation)

secondary splitting (secondary transformation) of rock or ore

tunnel excavation

excavation and extension of underground mines

pipeline excavation (including rock breaking in pipe jacking, small tunnel excavation, etc.)

2, Mining of quarry materials




3, Demolition of plain concrete and reinforced concrete

demolition of plain concrete and light reinforced concrete structures

demolition of reinforced concrete structures

demolition in closed places and inaccessible spaces

demolition in narrow spaces

demolition of rocks and concrete walls

removal of concrete pile heads

demolition of chimneys

secondary splitting of block concrete (e.g. secondary crushing in concrete waste recycling yard)

4, application in metallurgical industry

overhaul of electrolytic cell in electrolytic aluminum plant

crushing of carbon block in carbon plant

removal of refractory brick lining of various furnaces (end)

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