Main risk control measures for the construction of

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The main risk control measures for the construction of absorption tower are

a, crane, hoist and steel wire rope. Therefore, we recommend an environmental protection start-up company to connect with them. They must be checked before use and shall not be overloaded

b organize the homework staff to learn the Enron regulations on air homework. Its experimental speed range can be adjusted

c, and scaffold erection and acceptance can be stopped according to the standard

b. carry out the ten no lifting regulations for lifting operation, and overload utilization is strictly prohibited

c. accurately select lifting appliances and design lifting lugs, and carefully check the progress of lessons

d. the air operation staff must tie up the safety belt

a. it is strictly prohibited to conduct hot work in materials with good electrical performance 10m around the scale anti-corrosion operation

not only will the surface of some parts be abraded and scratched

b, the construction staff will enter the scale anti-corrosion area, strictly register, and it is strictly prohibited to carry a lighter, spray snuff, etc

c. patrol frequently to remove the risk source that can produce Mars

b. strengthen patrol inspection to prevent hot work

c for hot work within 10 meters around the scale, it is required to make a hot work task card and do a good job in prevention and control measures

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