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Main matters in the stamping process of metal plates

generally, the process of stainless steel only takes 1-2 seconds. Pay attention to the following points when stamping steel:

1 The yield strength and tensile strength are high. Austenitic stainless steel has large work hardening and is prone to springback and transverse tool damage. Therefore, the humidity, stiffness and wear resistance of processing equipment must be excellent. Aluminum bronze (PVD, CVD surface treatment) is usually used

2. Since the heat conduction is small and the thermal expansion is large (austenite system), the water-soluble lubricating oil with excellent performance is selected for cold

3. Because some products often directly use the surface gloss of stainless steel plate, surface damage should be avoided during external pressure processing. In order to prevent surface defects and lubricate, usually the steel plate is coated with ethylene or lubricated

4. The work hardening characteristics of austenitic stainless steel near normal temperature are greatly affected by temperature, and the formability is greatly affected by temperature and speed after 2020. When the braking torque generated by the rotation of the communication Electromechanical is used as the test belt and the load is added, the n value decreases and the formed parts deteriorate under the conditions of high temperature and high speed. Therefore, excellent stamping performance can be obtained by using the warm machining method of temperature influence. (end)

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