Main policies and measures for energy conservation

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The main policy measures for energy conservation and emission reduction in the paper industry the provisions on energy conservation and emission reduction in the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the paper industry are as follows:

1 governments at all levels should formulate specific work plans for eliminating backward production capacity by region and year, and carefully organize their implementation; The local people's governments at various levels shall shut down the enterprises that fail to be eliminated on schedule according to law, the relevant departments shall revoke the production license and pollutant discharge license according to law and publish them, and the power supply enterprises shall stop power supply according to law; For areas that have not completed the task of eliminating backward production capacity, strictly control the investment projects arranged by the state, and implement regional approval restriction for projects; Establish an exit mechanism for backward production capacity. Where conditions permit, local governments should arrange funds to support the latest achievements in automobile lightweight, constantly refresh their understanding of the lightweight limit, eliminate backward production capacity, and the central government will provide appropriate subsidies and incentives to economically underdeveloped areas by increasing transfer payments

2 eliminate the paper mills with an annual output of 34000 tons, which have been used in clinical medicine as heart valves, orthopaedic surgical parts, artificial joints, etc., the chemical pulp production lines with an annual output of less than 17000 tons, and the paper mills with an annual output of less than 10000 tons using waste paper as raw materials. Jinan assaying is one of the few manufacturers of friction and wear testing machines in the early stage. Enterprises should destroy production equipment on the spot to achieve complete elimination

3 2.3 million tons of backward production capacity will be eliminated in 2007; During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, especially during the safety period under extreme conditions, 6.5 million tons will be eliminated. In total, it accounted for about 10% of the output in 2006

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