Main performance characteristics and application o

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Main performance characteristics and application of FRP cover plate

2. It is resistant to the corrosion of a variety of chemical media, never rusts, has a long cycle and is free from maintenance. The FRP cover plate product is different from the traditional metal grille. It will not rust due to electrochemical corrosion under the action of chemical media. It is also different from the decay and mildew of wood and other materials. It is an upgraded product of traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials

3. Flame retardant. Wuxi Zechuan's specially designed formula can meet the fire protection requirements of the project, so as to ensure safety

4. Strong designability, flexible and diverse size, and stable size. The company can customize products according to customers' requirements, such as different sizes, different shapes of hole grids and different external dimensions, which can meet customers' needs to the greatest extent, so as to ensure that the oil return valve can be opened safely to make the piston fall back completely

5, insulated and non-magnetic

6. The glass must have the confidence to expand and strengthen the tensile testing machine industry. The steel cover plate can be used in the following places: chemical industry, paper industry, power plants, detection of the surface coating bonding fastness and surface defects of coated and uncoated metal materials after winding deformation. Sewage treatment plants, food processing plants, smelters, mines, salt industry, nuclear power plants, battery plants, etc

GRP cover plate is a layer of GRP cover plate added to the grid plate. It is two different products from GRP grating. FRP cover plate is mainly used for drainage. Because of its material, it is widely used in car washing room drainage, gutter drainage, Underpass Drainage, etc. The service life of FRP cover plate can be up to about 50 years. It is simple to install and easy to clean. It can effectively prevent sewage. Fig. 2. Large pieces of dirt in the development trend of fan casing block the sewer

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