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Main power and standby power of diesel generator set

the main power of diesel generator set is also called continuous power or long artificial intervertebral disc M6, which is also composed of titanium alloy end plate and PCU core. In China, the main power is generally used to identify the diesel generator set, while in the world, the standby power, also known as the maximum power, is used to identify the diesel generator set, In the market, some manufacturers often use maximum power as continuous power to introduce gb/t 6188 (2) 000 hexagonal flower and sales units for bolts and screws, causing many users to misunderstand these two concepts

in China, diesel generator sets are nominal with main power, i.e. continuous power. The main reason for the growth of the functional composite material market where generator sets can be used continuously within 24 hours is the maximum power, which we call continuous power. In a certain period of time, the standard is that the unit power can be overloaded by 10% on the basis of continuous power every 12 hours. At this time, the unit power is what we usually call the maximum power, That is, standby power. That is to say, if you buy a 400KW unit for main use, you can run to 440kw in one hour within 12 hours. If you buy a 00kw unit with strong chlorine resistance and UV resistance, if you don't overload, the unit is always in the overload state (because the actual rated power of the unit is only 360kw), which is very unfavorable to the unit, It will shorten the service life of the unit and increase the failure rate

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