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On the evening of June 23, Tencent video's China's first youth growth program for women's groups, creation 101, finally came to an end

after two months of sweat, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, Yang Chaoyue, Duan aojuan, yamy, Lai Meiyun, Zi Ning, Yang Yunqing, Li Ziting, Fu Jing, Xu Mengjie and other 11 girls finally made their debut with their own efforts

after the "rocket girl 101" formed a group, it began its new work nonstop

on the evening of June 24, rocket girls participated in the Hunan Satellite TV variety show "graduation song party" and performed "hot singles +rocket girls"

on the evening of the 25th, the rocket girls had new developments

the official wechat of rocket girl 101 announced the group photos of 11 girls that night, announcing that "the girls bid farewell to the goose factory dormitory with sweat and tears, and officially moved into the rocket girl's home belonging to 11 people"

in the photos released by the official wechat, we can see that the interior decoration of "rocket girl's home" is super luxurious

just looking at the decoration of this gate, you can know that this family really doesn't spend less time

although the gate of the "rocket girl's home" looks simple and deep, the interior decoration of the whole room is very girly and exquisite

because it was the first day of the settlement, there were cakes with big stickers for 11 people and various desserts on the table

but whether these desserts are decorative or not is unknown, because girls may not be willing to move their mouths in order to maintain their good figure

after the cake, what is more striking is the decoration style of "rocket girl's home"

just look at this whole set of sky blue sofas to see the quality of the whole home, and the blue sky murals also match the tone of the home

because it is the place where 11 girls live, "rocket girls' home" not only has delicious food, luxurious sofas, but also a modern style bar

on the right side of the bar is the dining place for rocket girls

"rocket girl's home", what do you think

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