Post-90s Spice Girls sun 78 flat, fresh rural boud

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From the infinite pursuit of luxuriance to the return to simplicity, the cumbersome decoration has been removed. Even those who once pursued luxury began to rediscover the silent shock brought by true colors and non brilliance. The beauty of tranquility, which can never be replaced, is the most simple but also the most personalized life perception. This case is the decoration effect drawing of a post-90s spice girl, with 78 square meters, 2 bedrooms and 1 living room. The fresh and fashionable rural boudoir brings quiet and shocking beauty! The overall cost is only 80000 yuan. You may as well learn from it

flowers, dots, and checks are undoubtedly the best choice to emphasize the sense of hierarchy in the room. The curtains and bedding patterns echo each other, making the whole bedroom more fresh and beautiful

on the sky blue bag, a pair of birds jump into the eyes. In fact, simplicity does not mean that it is single and unchanging. It is natural versatility to integrate cascading decorations with different patterns

the simple expression does not need to be whitewashed too much. A few clear green glass vases can be placed at will, which can also add points to tranquility

the sunlight flows, and the natural sunlight bathes the whole bedroom. The wallpaper and bedding of the same series set off each other and are particularly charming with soft off white furniture

the pillows with flowers and dark patterns are undoubtedly the best choice to increase the sense of hierarchy in the room through the soft contrast of colors, while the bedding echoes with the wall decoration, and the bedroom will be more fresh and beautiful

in the natural color environment, the idyllic wallpaper is the key to create a fresh and sweet atmosphere




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