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DAA is a brand that uses the heavy machinery industry for furniture design. In this alternative to mass production, twelve designers and Italian industrial knowledge face a new challenge: making furniture using tools and expertise commonly used to make buckets, arms and frames for earth moving machinery

"DAA" means to change from a certain state to an Italian form. Just like the new reaction of water when the temperature changes. The process of manufacturing single-chip mechanical parts has opened a new vision of design inspired by designers

daa creates clearer new objects according to the flexible relationship between designers and materials metals, as well as the technological processes and processes of other materials welding, bending and finishing. It adds new value and status to Italian industrial knowledge: production capacity, seeking new technological solutions, and the return and appreciation of traditional workmanship

daa's products can be applied to various indoor and outdoor decorations. We are engaged in an artistic profession, which will never distance ourselves from users, nor will we ignore the functionality of products

daa is the result of the cross benefit of expertise in different fields, creating a new product series to rebuild an unlimited lifestyle




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